Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Off to the sun!

Before I head off for a few days, some great fashion and other new things from Vent du Sud!

First up, a taste of my new line using the nPose system (easy to use and adjust, no more poseballs). Here's a great pile of cushions in pretty pastels (more colours to come) with whole bunch of solo, friends' and couples' poses. 6 prims in all.
Chill, cuddle, meditate or curl up and dream.
Copy, so you can place lots, or wait for the new colours (or ask for custom ones when I'm back!)

Find it by the daffodils, near the Vent du Sud square at a very special intro price while I'm away. Or feel free to test all the poses in peace.

While we're on offers, how about a pretty sundial that works. Made by Geek Back, and generously offered right by the Subscribo on the square for just ONE LINDEN. Set your own time zone, and watch it change (mine's on European time but to set it to yours is really easy).

And what are the bubbles? Menthal was working on this yesterday while I went for a coffee, and I came back to find my avatar as the target of his new gadget. Find it any time soon next to his hugely popular smoke and bubble machines on the square.

And last but not least, a pretty summer dress by the one and only Rett. "Deep Purple" is a frothy, fun, summery dress.  Find it on the easel at her store on the square.

I'm off to pack and head for the sun for a few days, but see you soon at Vent du Sud.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Let's keep it clean

I always know Menthal's been busy when he calls me over to 'test something'. Must say I didn't expect to end up on my knees this time. (And no, not like that).
Well, I suppose I have been known to mutter we should keep Vent du Sud clean...

So there we were, him attacking the Y-fronts and me scrubbing away at the pantaloons, with bubbles flying everywhere.

Great gadget, though, and perfect for lots of themes. And if you ask Menthal Oh nicely, I'm quite sure he'd be happy to make a custom version for any store or sim (why do I think he'd LOVE to add a set of silks or a tiny bikini to one, much as I love the pantaloons)

Right now, though, get both male and female versions (7 prims each, gives you the foaming brush) out on the square at Vent du Sud, for just 190L for the two. )

Also, they are mod and transfer, meaning you can give them to any potential, er, scrubbers you like.

Drop in and see them right near the tp point.

Vent du Sud: possibly the only sim where you run the risk of housemaid's knee!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

When hell froze over

I have to admit that when people ask me how I feel about getting married on SL, I tend to mutter under my breath, including phrases like 'hell' and 'freezes over'.

But at the same time, I also have to admit that I've been been to a few weddings and been incredibly touched.

So, when both Rett Gentil and Alain Papp sent me a couple of dresses to show off in the Tower, I just had to try them on (you can't see my trainers underneath - hail the amazing photography skills). Definitely a first (and probably last!).

The top two are by Alain (tp to his main store from the one on the Vent du Sud square, but first admire his absolutely breathtaking costumes), and the one below is by Rett, available at her roomy store by the main tp point.

As for the Vent du Sud Tower, it's a great place for holding your own ceremony: somewhere for your friends to gather, relax, or take photos of you against the sunset (and including copiable, one-prim brocade cushions for your guests!)

Come and visit it up in the sky over Vent du Sud: and still at the promotion price of just 500L instead of 995 (RL has been rather frantic and I wanted to do this blog before I put it up to the normal price). Full information available about it in English and French, right here:

But back to the dresses:
Both Alain and Rett are happy to help you fit the veil, the skirt, the train, or add custom details to make your gown yours. Contact Alain Papp or Rett Gentil and they'd be delighted to help you.

And after playing model and (very) amateur photographer, I got back into my jeans, and did, for a moment, wonder if hell ever will freeze over. The Tower's a great place for dreaming, too (or snuggling with the retractable curtain down... it's a perfect romantic hideaway amid softly flowing water, romantic greenery, soft lighting and elegant seating, all included).

Drop in and see the tower, check out our great fashion and decor, and if you see me on the Vent du Sud square, muttering and throwing prims around, say hi?

Because if you'd like to come take photos in your own wedding gear (out on the dock, or by one of our lighthouses, for instance) or even hold a small, quiet ceremony, we'd be delighted to offer you the run of the place to do so.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Fashion blunder... so have a milk churn

So, I crawled out of bed at 7 on Saturday to take pictures for a blog post I want to do on wedding dresses by the gang, with shots taken in my tower to, y'know, attempt to promote both.

Took the photos, and (fortunately) sent them to Alain Papp of AC creations (he of the sumptuous costumes, remember? - see the photo for just one masterpiece with matching outfits. Check 'em out at the link).

"Nice" he said. "But you do realise you have mixed up my two gowns?"

Ah. Oooooops. Fail.

Back to the drawing board again, then. I admit I was in a hurry. I also strongly suspect that SL had refused to keep up with me clicking 'take off' and 'wear' rather rapidly. See, I don't exactly wear wedding dresses regularly.

Anyway, as I said, have a milk churn. Transfer version FREE in the Vent du Sud subscribo. Click for 3 different flowers. Pretty. 4 prims.

Mod/copy version in the store along with other spring goodness such as the bench below (also click to change flowers).  12 prims only, mod/copy.

Enjoy. And click the subscribo anyway even if you're not a milk churn fan: get news of our releases, regular offers and plenty of gifts.

And did you grab the dollarbie daffodil poofer yet? Just drop in at Vent du Sud and help yourself - near the olive trees - click on the rock and it's yours.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

But how do I get it up there?

This platform is up above Vent du Sud. I've used a rather rougher version of it as a 2-prim work platform for a couple of years, in fact. It has a rim so you don't fall off. Useful, if you're me. I fall off things (although with my AO, at least I do so gracefully now). 

Right now, one of them is housing the Vent du Sud tower (see link and pretty picture above).

Now, I think I have a sense of humour. So when a very pleasant lady decided not to buy the tower (which is going back from 500L to 950L tomorrow, btw), but wanted to buy the platform, I tidied it up a little and gave it to her, adding that I'd even put better grass on it, but as it's mod/copy she could even texture it in fluorescent, glowy pink if she liked *cough*.

Ah, she said, it's perfect to make my little house into a skybox and no, grass is fine but.. how the **** do I get it up there?

So wrote her some detailed instructions, plus added a little blue box to sit on (ok, sit IN*) for the, er, operation and details of how to unlink said blue box once it's in position. All in the notecard that I've now put inside the platform (which appears when you rezz it to make things even easier)**.
*(no, I am not going to fiddle with sit targets for a box that is going to be deleted unless you are a collector of sittable-on shiny blue 50 cm cubes, K?)
** (no, I have not included instructions for modifying the grass into fluorescent glowy pink. Grass is NICE. Or stone, or whatever you have handy).

For info, I've popped one into the sales box for the tower, so it now comes free with that (hint).

And here, says she with pride and digressing marketingly (is that a word? No? It should be), is the tower installed on another sim, just in case you would prefer it at ground level (nice big base to sink into the ground, and yes, another hint to go buy it).

If, however, you'd just like this simple sky platform with the 'how-to' (yep, that's me admiring the blue box...) ...then it's on sale (just click on the grass or the blue box to buy it), right here.

Now I need to go find some willing men with tuxedos to help me show off Rett's and Alain's gorgeous wedding dresses in it (find Rett's and Alain's shop - AC creations) on the square.

Because the tower is great for weddings. Or as a feature for all kinds of land, themed or otherwise. Check it out (here) before I put the price up...

...even if you don't want the platform. Heh.

Prims: 2
size: 40 x 40 sphere (ok on most 512s)
and again, FULL instructions.
Price? 20L. Yes, just 20L.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Spring again, Robin and another special dollarbie!

R0bin Helsinki (note the zero, not the o) is a hugely active and talented photographer with exhibitions all over SL.

She just loves to share her photos, and travels all over the world  to take them (she just got back from Surinam!). Check her profile for some of her ongoing shows on SL, and she's always happy to talk about the places she's been.

And, fortunately for us, she's a friend of the gang at Vent du Sud, so when I said 'you live in Holland, no? So how about some spring flower-y tulip-y photos?' she hopped right over to offer us a mini-expo in our quiet little courtyard next to Rett's store, easily visible from the tp point.

As always, these are just stunning, and Robin being Robin, at tiny prices for original, incredibly sharp original photos. Or just come and look - you're always welcome here whether you buy or not!

So (preferably after you've snapped up the flower bench and other spring goodies outside Vent du Sud  - see two posts ago - which I am going to put back to their normal price today, by midday SL), do come and see these: they're guaranteed to cheer you up!

I'm also still in a dollarbie mood, so come by and pick up some tulips in a pot: 2 prims, 1L, transferable.  Right by the photos!

(and don't forget to check out Vent du Sud's three great fashion creators for some great spring treats while you're at it? More on their spring newness very soon)