Monday, 29 November 2010

52 weeks of colour - Plum (and lighthouses)

It snowed here in Provence this week.

And no, didn't look pretty. Dark, billowy clouds and grey skies - a good time to pull out a lovely plum sweater for the challenge and trim it up a little.

Then off for a wander around Vent du Sud to see the big lighthouse in winter dusk.

In fact, it made me want to pop in a few bits of furniture and a fire...

(Yes, the Vent du Sud plumgasm line, how did you guess).

Yes, 1L.

But no, I just watched the snow fall a little more.

Vent du Sud has three beautiful lighthouses for  new, amazing  build prices of 50L. Please fly around and look: there's a luxury model with roomy interior and decks, a smaller one, plus an offsim one. All 23 prims or less. 

The textures... well just go look!

Plus of course our furniture and decor all at 1L (including... plum but lots more)

Fashion: Morgan hair by Truth, MG sweater 'hunting season' in plum, gloves and socks by Picnic (also deep plum) with an extra: fur cuffs from a Zagoskin ski jacket. And my favourite J's round toe boots.

Drop by and see the Vent du Sud lighthouses and our lovely bit of (sunny) SL Provence?

¨PS: but snowy, wintry, festive things coming soon

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Plum tuckered out and 52 Weeks of Colour challenge

OK, it's all there, right by the TP at Vent du Sud.


All plum or shades that go with it (such as taupe or grey or cream).

The beds have cuddles, but easy to add your own sets, and several colour options on touch for the pillows and covers - from rich satins to cool linens. 

Check out the couch (also colour change cushions) and flower arrangements plus luxurious fire with tools and logs....

Pretty little accessory pieces... soft rugs, gentle lighting, fabulous wall art.

And lots, lots more.

All at Vent du Sud...

And all at just 1L.


(I'm off to find an outfit for the 52 weeks of colour challenge now)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Plumgasm, and thank you and FAQ

This was me yesterday, up above Vent du Sud, deciding to make a few things in plum (yes, I got a little carried away). And there is more to come but I kept popping different colours in the bedding to give you more choice...

It will be in the store for the weekend (and YES all at 1L) like the rest. Or if you're in a hurry, fly up 500m from the Vent du Sud square and help yourself.

This, for instance - and the lamp works! 1L only

Which leads me to a very short FAQ after several questions and a little mushiness after some lovely comments and questions over the last few days...(thank you thank you thank you!)

Is this a sale?
No. It's indefinite and probably permanent.

Do I still get customer service?
Sure do. There are times when RL work is frantic, but I do get back to people.

What permissions?
Mostly copy or mod/copy. Not transfer or full perm, sorry.

Are you going to leave the same stuff out or add new?
LOTS of new. See the photo above. I'll be moving things around, changing them, trying to improve. So all the more reason to join the subscribo - I'll let you know about new things and others that will be retired (see also below).

Do you do custom versions or colours or builds?
Yes, yes and YES. Nothing I like more in fact, time permitting. Just send an IM to me, Ariadne Korda and we'll talk. If I'm not there and the IM to mail doesn't work, poke me. Preferably nicely.
Prices? If it's a quick job, nothing. If you want half a sim building, we'll talk!

Why are some things not marked down?
I missed a couple, sorry! Let me know if you find any more and I'll change them although I think I got just about everything now.  

Are these clunky dollarbies?
Erm... no. Can I suggest you come look? Criticism welcome, though, and encouragement also.

Where's the donations box so I can shower you in Lindens?
Thought you'd never ask. Small barrels here and there. It's nice, but not expected. 

Last note... if you want the nautical or summertime elements stuff (above and below) grab it now as in the next few hours as most of it will be making way for plummy goodness. 

And the whole ensemble here, colour change yadda yadda, will cost you a grand total of... 10L, for all you see. Right up front of the Vent du Sud mainstore.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Vent du Sud cabin - cosy version for 50L

Shame your beach cabin isn't available in some weatherbeaten wood, said a friend. It would look so cosy

Well, now it is: the Vent du Sud winter cabin
(PS, and on request, there is a smaller version out too - perfect for Christmas market booths!)

Really detailed, fine texturing, windows you can click to close and get cosy, and an incredible...
20 prims.  

Price? 50L, of course (like the other great builds)


Accessories, including the stove, the chair... all just 1L.

So go get it... the accessories won't be around long as I will fill it with some Christmas things soonish.

As for me, I'm keeping warm in one of Zaara's gorgeous pashminas.

Come on over and warm your hand, and pick up a real bargain or three.

And to all those who said they liked the whole new approach by Vent du Sud - thanks. I'm having FUN!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

52 weeks of colour - Goldenrod

 Could I miss this, when I am a colour addict?


So here is goldenrod, with a little dark red. Why red?
Because it matches my Geo set (OK it may be called mustard, but it's close).

Check out the whole set and the great animations, in the mainstore.

Quick reminder that ALL Vent du Sud decor is now at 1L. For details, see my previous post.
Clothes details below.

Grab a couch with animations and colour change cushions, a pillow set with a whole bunch of animations, or the coffee table and glassware, and yes, all just 1L.  Geo comes in other colours too.

I missed blue and grey, but never mind - 49 left to go, and why of course I am going to tie it in with stuff from Vent du Sud!

Clothing, etc from top down: Klavdia hair from Damselfly, Pallav bracelets from Zaara, Scarf from Maitreya (tinted), Early Morning cardigan from Fish Strawberry, tank and jeans from Coco Designs, socks from MIS (now closed), round toe boots from J's.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Why Vent du Sud is taking a new direction (as in free or nearly)

Short version: I am marking down things at Vent du Sud to 1L, or 50L (big builds such as the one below) for a while, possibly permanently. At the very least until I have lots of new stuff ready but at least until after Christmas. 

But I haven't quite finished yet.  Have a look around, scope out what's there and if it isn't marked down yet, it soon will be (within a couple of days).

Opening shutters, optional extra deck, 50L, incredibly low prim

For example, the beach cabin or the other things shown below (the cabin is already down to 50L). So are the lighthouses, and tree house btw, even if their buy boxes still have their original prices on).

There will be donation boxes (hey, I have a shoe and hair addiction to feed), but no pressure. 

As to the why, here goes  - but it's a little long: feel free to scroll.

My RL job involves travel, constant deadlines and often crazy hours, and 2010 has been a doozy in that respect. But it means that making money out of SL isn't the idea for me - much as I respect people who do build or design to bring in income. I am lucky that I do have a lot of work, and I know it.

SL is my hobby.

I drop in daily, to build a bit or chat a bit, unless I'm on a plane or battling with foreign Internet connections. I  love building and get a whole lot of pleasure out of it. So I always have lots of things in progress. Well, usually...

Seaglass flowerbox, 1L (any time soon)
But this summer, things came to a head a little. I learned a lot from it, including that when I'm overtired and under pressure, the last thing I need is SL turning into misery and frustration.

I got involved in a big project. Got excited about it. And then somehow I missed a vital notecard (I suspect the 'send to e-mail' feature doesn't always work and I'd been away a lot, on and off with patchy connections, or I simply, I dunno, didn't see it).

But that led to me not getting included in the whole thing, and to my frustration showing when I should have sat on my hands. My bad.


Trashing and deleting my whole 'ongoing' file in a stupid (REALLY stupid, self-destructive) moment. All I'd done for the new place went in the bin.

All of it. 

It seemed like a big deal to be left out, you see. I'd cheerfully been building away and trying not to pester for news until suddenly it was too late. And being a group officer and having been the first to originally sign up (but failed to 'reconfirm' on the blasted notecard), I suspected nothing.

Again my bad.

I was then promised the first opening that came up (hope springs eternal). Then one did come up, just the same day, but... it was advertised to the whole group. Another misunderstanding, I expect. When I said I'd love it, as it was exactly the size store I'd signed up for, I was too late. Ouch.

And that triggered the over-sensitive, over-tired, upset, 'I'm useless' click delete.

(Heh, I expect I'll lose my group tag any time soon, now, having already had the officer one taken away, although I'm trying not to sound to sour-grape-ish. At this point I couldn't afford another place anyway given the decision I've taken but I would like to continue sending gifts via the group).

We shall see.

Curve it, seats 5 plus couples poses, several versions. Soon 1L
So after that I mooned around a bit. Simmered over it all. Didn't build.

OK, in fact I shed a few tears over the whole thing. I was also more abrupt that I should have been with a flouncy lady on the group chat. Bad me yet again, but I was tired and upset. Not an excuse though, eh?

Then I finally started a dozen builds and abandoned them.

RL then got particularly difficult too (cue violins).

Then, fortunately (!), I had a stand-up row with a close friend and superb builder. I lapsed into the 'poor little me can't build and nobody loves me' number. He doesn't pull his punches and had issues of his own without me wallowing in self-pity.

To cut a long story short, we made peace and I came out of that actually believing I could build. He told me to get on and start lining up prims again once I was a bit less tired.

And it did me a power of good. He is a great friend.

And I am building, but it will take a little time to get some new stuff out that I like. It's coming, though.

Bathtub planter, click to change plants. Soon 1L

(Get to the point, woman).

So, the bottom line is...

... it seems logical to do what I like. Build for pleasure and count myself fortunate that I can afford to pay tier on my part of the sim and not count on covering it by sales. Make my stuff accessible to even the tiniest of budgets.

So that is what I shall be doing.

So once again, my stuff will be for the taking, for a token 1L except for the big builds at 50L starting now but gradually covering everything at my Vent du Sud store. 

I hope people enjoy it, and will drop in regularly (also to see the stunning things offered by my friends there, who deserve lots of recognition: all original creators including great fashion by Rett or Menthal's absolutely remarkable smoke and water masterpieces and other incredible gadgets, or Robin's superb photography).  No, these will not be free or virtually so, but worth a look.

And on a last note, a little publicity for somebody else who helps people without big budgets on SL - Enky's dollar store. Some of the great names on SL have donated things, and it's an absolute treasure trove. It's owned by Enktan Gully, who makes stunning footwear, and run by Agade Lefavre, who is a walking encyclopedia on SL fashion (and a great friend).

Check out the blog here.
Visit the store here.

This is one of the dresses on sale, and my first (and last) modelling experience. Heh.

Enough rambling. Hope to see you very soon at Vent du Sud. 

Watch out for highlighted items over coming weeks too, including Christmas things!