Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Disconcerting things

Well, top of the list of disconcerting things are:
  • earache from orange juice (and from a bunch of other stuff, but... long and totally irrelevant story) and
  • my daughter (25, brilliant, geeky marketing person) reads my SL blog and I never knew.  Scary. Meaning I can no longer whine about overwork and feeling crap on this blog because parents shouldn't whine. Apparently.
  • In a lousy economic climate, and being a freelancer which is not exactly secure, I am ridiculously fortunate to have masses and MASSES of work (but am too scared to say "no" to any of my clients).
Ooops whining. Better talk about SL then, huh?

Ummm. OK. SL. Vent du Sud, even.

No time to do anything but pay rent (whine whine whine) for weeks ... or rather months now because of work and more work, plus major family visit (4 of them, including two teenage boys and oh boy can they eat but I digress already), and the need to go stare into space of an evening, outside.

Summer and all that. Wine and provence and lavender and peace... there are worse thing.

We have bats that drink out of our pool at night. Which is completely irrelevant to anything, but it's fascinating.

However, and not being one to give up (that) easily, I have paid my rent and - is this a sign? - paid some money into SL and it worked FIRST TIME. No snarky messages from either my bank or LL.

This is a first. 

And why have I put money in?

Well... I miss it. I actually miss Vent du Sud like hell. Can I say hell on a family blog?

I do NOT miss bitchy comments and one-star reviews on the marketplace (AGAIN) because something hasn't been delivered (and did they tell me? No).

I am NOT happy about the fact that somebody flagged an item of mine because of "wrong permissions" without telling me (and the permissions were NOT wrong when I did that hellish migration thing but apparently are now).  I have changed it. Gritting my teeth.

But I do miss it. So many things about it.

You may not understand this, dear daughter (if you are reading it). Or you might.  Working for a gaming company, I hope you will. 

So... better get going again, right?

 (Mind, I still need to juggle SL with the work, the vegetable garden, cooking, more work, travel for work, and now and then a little sleep and a little bat-watching).

But I'll try.

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