Sunday, 22 May 2011

Two birds one stone, freebie, Tabs, neon carrots and pink

Think serendipity. Think two of my unfavourite colours in a combination I like.

Think free (scroll on for a Vent du Sud freebie also...)

And think Icing, and the various fabulous freebies you can find there, including this dress (and some really superb other things). Go look. It moves beautifully too.

And the freebie? Getting there.

Please help yourself to this deckchair at the Vent du Sud dock.

And no, no direct tp but take this one... which takes you around here...
... then go through the arch (purchasing many many things as you go, of course, including the 50 patio store itself, or the decor for 1L a piece... or the summer cabins, or the hammocks...

...And you will find the peaceful Vent du Sud dock, including a pedal boat ride and dancing and swimming*...

and this.

(and that is Tabs, one of SL's incurable romantics, who lives at Vent du Sud and promotes it - and is happily partnered so you can't have him... but he's great fun to talk to)

But you CAN have the deckchair he is sitting on, for free.  Or splash out on the Cap'n and Mate ones for 1L each.  Copy. Three poses. Custom personalised textures if you ask nicely and pay me the upload fee for the texture...!

Last look at this gorgeous dress?

There you go. Hair by Damselfly (Klavdiya) and Yay wedges from HOC.

And scenery from Vent du Sud (another quiet beach where you can feel free to dance thanks to our well-stocked Intan. Feel free to wander around and find it.

*sit on the little wedge and dive in, or click on it for LOTS of dives. It's wonderful! And having dived in, you can then swim around Vent du Sud and buy MORE!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Weathered newness, olive (52 weeks of colour), dead routers, and Ayla.

I guess weathered feels a bit like me right now. Seen a little stormy weather and a bit worn around the edges but with a certain quaint charm? More on the 50-L Vent du Sud weathered tree platform below.

(And no, no, don't flock to the comments to tell me that I am as young and beautiful as I feel, because that would be around 90 and ugly. Think overwork. Think endless deadlines. But anyway, Vent du Sud (and me) aren't quite dead yet).

Close, though.

And speaking of dead, my router / ADSL box died yesterday, meaning 3 hours on the phone followed by a 3-hour trip to pick up a replacement. No, kind person, posting it to me for 'around Tuesday' when I work on the net...


Olive? Tree platform? Hold on, we're getting there.  This could be an olive tree, if you stretch your imagination a bit. Although never seen one that high...

Here we go. One amazingly low-prim weathered tree platform (16) to dance on, to watch the stars and waves, or to toss a couple of cushions or a patio set on (go look at the Vent du Sud mainstore for those, all at 1L?) and watch the sun set. Haul up the ladders, and relax. Direct tp right here or take a stroll around the island (and look out for a big tree not far from the tree house...

And on to olive. *Cough* yes this is a terrible photo but the others were worse.

And not really enough credit for Ayla's really, really cute Kirsty top in olive so I stole a better one from her blog. She makes other really, really affordable and fun stuff too at great prices. Check out her blog here and her store here.

Back soon when I have wrangled with another couple of deadlines, but there has to be light at the end of the tunnel soon... or will it just be another train coming?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More of a chuckle than a rant. Coincidences?

Funny how people do come up with similar ideas, isn't it? And yes, I'm serious. People really do.

Not quite so funny, maybe, when you see somebody who frequently comes up with very, very similar things to yours,  just after yours. 

Am I irritated?


I am sort of amused and flattered, really. Of course it could be some weird coincidence. Things come into fashion so of course people recreate them with their own twist. A long white skirt is a long white skirt.  And updo is an updo. A swing is a swing. A sink is a sink. Cushions are cushions.

And of course people use the same or similar sculpt maps, for instance. Not arguing that.

But either this person's imagination is somehow locked into mine and is equally eclectic, or she's been subconsciously inspired. Uh-huh. Or she is just short of ideas.  Or, once again, sheer coincidence.

Her stuff* is nice, too (although not at Vent du Sud prices and really, texturing on sculpts is tricky, huh?).


It made me scratch my head a bit though, as you can see above (And I put this static, single colour swing above out as a hunt gift recently - couples and singles poses). Worth checking out Vent du Sud often as I like putting nice stuff out for hunts, even though the rest is only at 1L.

The moving version with colour change cushions is done (YAY, because swings should swing, no?) but I need to make a sign and a notecard to explain how to set it up and change the textures, etc. On sale soon at Vent du Sud for one little Linden. But it's up in the tree platform (NEW, need photos of it) if you feel like going for a quiet swing.

Just let me get my next trip over with**, unless some time falls into my lap tonight (it didn't... says she the morning after, still wondering if to post this).

But if you're dying to grab a bargain in the meanwhile, grab some multipose cushions or the smoothie set (still 1L per item and colour change fabrics) because I have to move some stuff out and get the new things in. Several versions of the cushions dotted around at Vent du Sud.

And now, back to the kitchen sink for me (this one made earlier this spring) which is a massive five Lindens but you get the soap, towels, jug, and basket inside the box (all copiable).

The tap drips (really, it drips!), and the bowl and splashback are colour change!! Go have a click! Put out big piles of towels! Pop a few baskets elsewhere! Tint them!

(Sorry about the rash of !!! but I rather like this sink )

(And unlike some things I have seen recently, it came from my own imagination, a couple of weeks before another bench sink with accessories appeared... somewhere).

(PS: I am working on some converted stables, but won't have it out for a bit, if, um, somebody needs to get ahead?)

*no, not naming names because one more time -  it could be coincidence. At a stretch.

**leaving at lunchtime until the wee small hours of Saturday. No idea about connections.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Orange, fun, vrooom (52 weeks of colour, tangerine)

Now, I could have done a long rambly post about how 2011 is treating me badly, but I won't (who loves whining?).

So let's have some fun instead.  And at last some news from Vent du Sud.

 First, orange and only a week behind (credits later).

The real star of the post, however, is this

No, not this...


Menthal has been building (so have I, but that's for another post). (And yes, FINALLY).

And it is superb. The wheels turn, the lights, the exhaust work. The dashboard is stunning.

It is quite honestly a marvel of texturing, scripting, and is is FUN. And a staggering 30 prims only.

And no, it's not on sale yet, but SOON. And there are three-and four-seater models coming.

AAAAAND there will be custom paint jobs.

Now, me being me and having decided that it is time to get going on Vent du Sud again instead of gazing at my own navel...

...You can win one of these

Not now, but soon. Via this blog, no less. Once the first model is up for sale (at Vent du Sud),  there will be a prize draw (free, of course). More details later but hitting the subscribo at Vent du Sud would be good as we'll publish details there too.

Not into cars? I'm sure we could arrange for it to be given as a gift too.

And now credits; Orange top from Vanitas Vesture (new discovery, great place), capris from Nyte and Day, hair Monica from Exile.  On Menthal, bad me forgot to ask but the sweater (tinted tangering to please me) is from Coco.

 Want a last look?

Seriously, you need one of these, no?

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tiny post, hunt, gift, no it is not breedable, and thanks

Because milk churns are CUTE and decorative and I have too much RL work to get other stuff out... here they are, out at Vent du Sud.

The set of smaller ones is a gift to say thanks for supporting Doctors Without Borders last month. The bigger trio is a massive 1L. Copy, modify. 

Just think, you could have churns everywhere. You think there's a market for breedable churns?

OK, no. Sorry.

(and if you didn't buy anything last month then please still help yourself... and join the subscribo. Please. Thank you. I have lots of stuff nearly ready to put out). 

Grab the milk churns right outside the Vent du Sud mainstore, and pssst, new hunt gift also for the Perfect Couples Hunt.

Go... hunt. Sign outside the store too. It's a nice gift but no, not saying what it is. 

Back to work (yes, I know it's Sunday. Tell my clients that, huh?)