Saturday, 27 February 2010

Menthal's boxers (or Vent du Sud... differently)

At Vent du Sud, we've had bubbles. We've had mist. We've had silly afternoons racing vehicles that range from high-speed cars to ice cream carts. We've had 'Ari's lighthouse phase', and Alain's superb carnival costumes. And a lot of other things.

And now, we've got something else.

"How about having RUSTIC as one of our future themes?" I said to Menthal in passing.

A couple of days later, I descended from building up on my platform (OK, in fact I accidentally turned the platform phantom instead of the water and actually fell back onto the square) to find two French girls admiring this:

Uh-huh. I'm not quite sure they were admiring the bubbles, or even the shower itself. The boxers definitely had something to do with it, as was what was inside it (Menthal, should I mention you're single here?).

Anyway, it's a great piece of building (the shower, OK?). Tatty (closing) curtain, sponge, barrel up top, dripping shower head. Superb for any rustic builds.

Prims? 21 (but hey, you even get the puddle on the floor for that. Price? 490L. But I have the feeling that if you're blonde and send Menthal Oh a friendly (friendly, eh? Not X-rated!) IM he may be flexible. Could even work for brunettes, actually.

He may kill me for saying that.

Anyway, on to yesterday. After yet another session on tower-building (remember to save a version and then it doesn't matter if you screw up all the texture repeats, Ari...), I came down again. More ladies over by Menthal's store. I cammed into find...


Now, he said he still had the boxers on.  But...

Why is there a line of clothing that would suggest he didn't?

Ah, mysteries.

So, if you're the sort who prefers baths to showers, that's just 390L and 22 prims (including the sponge, the tub of steam, and... er... the rather dubious-looking underwear). Sold in a pack with the said undies and tub separately.

Find them both here, out on the square (!!) - and even if it's just to try them out - believe me they're fun but please keep the undies on as this is supposedly a PG sim....

I'm off back to finish the tower. Dread to think what I'll find next.

However, we are still missing a rustic toilet, no? Menthal?


See what happens when I'm away blogging.

Note the pink toilet paper... and you can't see the flies but I promise they're there.

This... is just 100L. You know you need one. Again... here. Just close the door when you've finished, OK?

Friday, 26 February 2010

Blogging... between the lines?

So, I should be doing the usual sort of 'wow come and buy this' sort of blog (and no doubt I'll get back to it).

However, I felt like taking a laugh at myself. And no, this is not a dig at other bloggers, far from it. It's just that I am not really a marketing person (much as I love blogging), and I'd really rather build (OK, or go shopping or dancing).

Also, I build lots of furniture and decor and lighthouses and stuff and basically don't have enough space to show it all (Tier. It's always about the tier. I'd give everything I make away if I didn't have the damned tier to pay).

(Ah yes, photo of lighthouse here, perhaps?) Off-sim version. Here. Only 299. That's the door. It does actually have stuff like the tower, the lamp and poseballs.

So here is a blog post about blog posts (mine, basically). Again, not a dig. And no, not jealous (well, a bit) because  many great creators deserve to get famous. I just wish I could find a way to bring in the hordes, or, y'know, just a small horde.

"Hi there from Vent du Sud (get the name in early, add the link. Good blogger have a cookie).

Today, we've all been working hard to offer you some great new stuff (meaning: we have tier day coming up so we actually finished something)

For example, the new whatnot is here (I finally got my ass into gear and hauled one out of the several dozen things with the 'ONGOING' prefix).

And by popular request (as in some person who quite liked it but not the colour but never came back even when I said 'OK, done it'), I've added a bright pink version of this (insert photo, delete by accident, manage to upload it, photo is fuzzy, go back inworld, SL glitches so abandon, post fuzzy picture, see lighthouse above).

And speaking of popular, my much-loved (well hey one person bought it... and if TWO people bought it we could try a 'hugely successful') doodad, here is a brand NEW doodad in the same series.

Special offer for today: THIS (dig out great photo. Beam with pride. Remind self that it just HAS to be the next, latest find and the blogs will be full of it and I'll soon have my own sim and.... then remind self to be realistic).

On a fashion note (dammit still don't have the new poster from our fashion people so must improvise) don't forget the free.... (pause to hop inworld, get name, make sure it's still there, try to find photo of it. It's not blurry but HUGE and takes forever to load and then I realise I've already blogged it).

So that's the round up for today from Vent du Sud: genuine creators with an eye for detail (but who have to pay tier, and detail doesn't equal Lindens so PLEASE COME AND BUY SOMETHING).'

After that.... if you DO feel like coming to buy something and are worried that I may soon be reduced to a vagrant sitting in an infohub somewhere going 'pssst, wanna lighthouse for only 10'... it's really not that bad.

Well... not quite. 

And we do have some great decor and fashion, at reasonable prices.

OK let's try this again: on a fashion note, don't forget to come and  find our amazing fashion freebies (because maybe one day, the miracle will happen and a freebie hunter will actually come back. Must be optimistic).

Last... as a reward for reading this post (you did, didn't you?)... all the lamps and candles at Vent du Sud are on sale for 20L today.

Although I'd much rather you bought a lighthouse for 499L... not that this is a hint but the big smart retractable ladder one-you-can-live-in is here.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

ONE HUNDRED POSTS (with offers to match)

No, really no more lighthouses after this (but LOOK - offsim version!).  In fact, I'm about to tackle a tower for a friend ("well, something vaguely fantasy-ish with spiral staircases and arches and balustrades and lighting and greenery and places to chat. In, say 40 prims").


Sorry, this post could be whimsical. One is allowed a little whimsy after 100 posts, no?  But I digress. I often do.

Making an off-sim lighthouse was fun. Even more fun when I tried it out on a friend who is pretty handy with some aspects of SL but somewhat bewildered about things like building and sim limits and prim counts. "You have to click on the poseballs to use it because it's not actually on the sim" blew his mind to the point that he got the wrong poseball.

Or maybe he just needed soothing after I'd rambled on about how the beam rotates and linking the 20 prims even with the invisible base and the two pose sets. I did take him up top to try the other pose set but no photos of that. It's a kiss, OK? You know what a kiss is.

But anyway, back to the 100 thing.  You know where we're heading with this, right?

Right. Get the offsim lighthouse here (copy / mod), 20 prims, fully linked for 100L (normal price 299L), until my next blog post (minimum 24 hours).  Lots and lots of careful detailing and a stunning addition to your land.

Full instructions included. REALLY easy to set up and you can add lots more poseballs, furniture, etc. inside and outside (as in even he of the pose balls could do it. Really. Well... maybe).

But what if you don't want a lighthouse?  (Although if you have sea, then you really do need one, yes?)

Well, you might want a patio set. (Of course you want a patio set. Or maybe you want one AS WELL?)

Also 100L instead of 250L, and in 7 colours on touch, lots of really great poses including a couples' one in the couch.
Spring colours and neutral ones including dark brown. Chairs (2), couch, table, parasol, candle. Find it by the Vent du Sud pool. 
Prims? The WHOLE THING is only 17 (chairs 2 prims, couch 5, table 2, candle 3, parasol 3). Incredible deal, as separately you'd be paying over 400L.

Or (if you really, honestly don't need a patio set...or as well, of course), there's this.

Well, (waves to people with new Linden homes, for example), how about a big, comfy couch with a lot of poses in EACH seat, 3 colours of leather, 3 types of wood.  Romantic, cosy couples' pose too.

Think 'versatile'. Good word, versatile (makes mental note to use it more often).

And all the scatter cushions have lots of colour options on click, too, meaning a LOT of combinations, and just 15 prims for an item you really need (heh). Look, white and pale wood and there's blue leather, and darker wood too.... 

Really, you need this, don't you? Get it HERE.
Usually 199L, same deal , of course- 100L. Find it here (and pick up the matching armchair, coffee table, etc. while you're at it, eh?). 

Quick note on fashion, of course: and this time a hint about spring weddings. Both Rett and Alain of AC Creations (he of the jaw-dropping carnival costumes) have gorgeous, unique bridal gowns in their stores. Check them out!

Otherwise, that's all from me and Vent du Sud and the really special ONE HUNDRED offers. Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Wow... for the first time in weeks, I can see green fields outside. Apart from a few battered palm trees, southern France finally looks a bit less like Siberia.

So to celebrate, here's a little greenery from Vent du Sud. Clearly visible from the tp point just inside the store.

Great for a breath of air on your walls or porch, no? It's TRANSFER, and 50L instead of 129. For around 24 hours only. Great sculpts that don't disintegrate as soon as you walk away, and lots of luscious plants.

Smaller versions available too if 13 prims makes you faint - come look!

And here's a breath of spring from Rett, too - find it in her store. Lovely, swooshy feathers and a great one for mixing and matching.

PS: my next post will be the 100th. Sure, I'll be doing some sort of offer. Any ideas what you'd like to see?
Send me some thoughts (IM Ariadne Korda or on the blog, and rewards from Vent du Sud will be forthcoming. And for the best of them (no, not everything free on the whole sim - think of Rett's blood pressure, willya), there will be an extra surprise.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A unique home? A great extra for your land?

Second and last day of the special lighthouse offer (see yesterday's blog) at Vent du Sud.

Really a great offer: a superb, unique and remarkably low-prim home or feature for less than the price of many outfits!

The smaller one (23 prims total) is great for a smaller plot, or as an extra feature on your land.
Mod / Copy, promotion price 300L instead of 399.

2 floors, 3 decks, stunning textures.
Direct tp HERE

The larger, luxury one (only 26 prims in total) offers 3 levels and 3 decks (one big enough to dance on). Retractable ladders for lots more room inside. Again, gorgeous textures, and mod/copy. Still fits on a 512!
Special price 350L instead of 499!
Visit it HERE

Teleports to both, plus information from the panels at the main landing point too.

And quick note: Rett's special, sexy white dress is still on offer at 30% discount: Check it out (see a couple of blog posts ago for details), and Ashton and Lane are still offering superb FREE white stilettos: direct tp here!

PS: Yes, I'm still giving out the curved seating corner with lighthouse purchases as it seems to be a hit so not only a promotion price but a great, multi-colour, multi-anim set worth 199L thrown in!

Also, lots of other new surprises to come at Vent du Sud where there's always something new to see and do. Click on the subscribo to find out about them first!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

To the lighthouse(s)!

I made my first lighthouse in early 2008... and as I think (hope) I've improved some since then, back to the drawing board!

The idea: lighthouses you can live in, or use for a special feature on your land.

Enough space for some furniture but above all somewhere DIFFERENT.

The result: 2 models. A whole lot of tweaking, some ups and downs until I got them exactly how I wanted them.

The luxury one, above and below, is just 26 prims. LOTS of detail, though, including retractable ladders to the upper floors (one plus mezzanine). Roomy deck to dance on. Decks to relax on or to watch the waves. And really superb textures.

Yes, it will fit on a 512. It's also all linked, apart from popping the (separate) lamp up top, meaning no rezz boxes.

Other details:
Normal price 499L...
but as an introductory offer
JUST 350L for 48 hours only (meaning Tuesday sometime before I go to bed).

Here's the trap door up to the first floor...

which retracts to give you lots of space.

And some of the deck detailing.

The smaller, more rustic version is just 23 prims total. Also fine to live in, cute on a 512, or as a great extra to a bigger plot land (great place for romantic moments, no?)

This one is also MOD / COPY, 23 prims total. Normally 399L but again special offer for just two days at 300L only.

I admit I'm pleased with these (says she with total lack of modesty).

or direct teleports:

(and in a fit of logic, I made a tp from one to the other, but you can also just fly across the sim or linger a little in Vent du Sud's great places for classy fashion and unique decor)

Also (and OK so I'm really pleased with these and want people to at least go look)...

The first ten people to buy one will get a curved seating arrangement with multiple colour and anims for free - perfect for a snuggle inside (see a few blogs back when they were on offer).

Don't miss out! I'll contact you in person for the gift, promise.
(Would make a great Valentine's gift too, btw.... let me know if you want a transfer version?)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Something different for Valentine's day?

Wooo Saturday!

And double woo, SL is (usually) letting me take photos again without the UI going transparent on me. The good thing - maybe - is that according to the Jira it's not only me.

But enough rambling, because the 14th is nearly on us.

Did you buy something for your partner? And even if you did, how about a little extra: something that you can look at all year round and remember why and when you bought it?

One of these flowerboxes could be just the thing: and of course they're transfer to make gift-giving even easier. And the perfect size to be a striking piece over a fireplace (we have those too!) or to brighten up a wall.

A flowerbox means that extra touch of luxury to your decor: they're classy, unusual, in styles to suit many tastes, and exclusive to Vent du Sud.

Lots of different ones too, and they change regularly: drop in and take a look (and sign up for the subscribo - regular gifts and offers).
(Pssst... this small silver version is going in there TODAY)

Champagne, discreet hearts, fresh flowers, sumptuous textures, intricate details. Wouldn't someone you know enjoy receiving one as a small but lasting token of how much you care?

Today, both Valentine models (1o and 9 prims) are at just 60L. A small price for something that will last long after the 14th.

Still some pretty Valentine's dollarbies out too, and with that special Vent du Sud touch.

And what if you wanted something other than pink for that special Valentine's date?

Rett was feeling generous last night when I started wheedling about offers: she's put this really delicious white lace-up number out for only 200L instead of 300L.

Perfect for a hot night out, dressed up with some jewelry but equally perfect for a romantic evening at home. Sometimes, simplicity works. And sexy... oh yes. Tell me a guy who doesn't appreciate a split skirt, or even satin and lace.

Get it quick: it's out front at Rett's store, right on the square. Oh and guys? It's also transfer. Take the hint!

Off to take more photos before my luck changes!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Community spirit and then some: Geek Back

"Heeeelppppp my water's flowing upwards", or "a friend wants landing lights for an airstrip", or "how do I do retractable circular curtains without them ending up in the sky?"

Geek's answer is usually 'tp me'.

So, script-challenged, Photoshop-challenged and logic-challenged me does just that. And soon after, something lands in my inventory. When I screw that up, he teases me... and then fixes it. He also gives extremely... er... honest feedback, which is not only valuable but pushes me to do things better.

I'm grateful for all the gang at Vent du Sud, believe me: help is always at hand, whether it's how to fix a script or a shoulder offered when nothing's going right. But I want to single out Geek Back for the 'community spirit' blogger challenge because I am constantly in awe of what he knows about... well... everything. Scripts in particular but so many other things too, including being (cliché or not) being a real friend and so (ridiculously) modest about his talents.

When he's NOT helping half of SL to fix things or script things (and often refusing to charge enough or at all) he makes stuff to pay his tier: anything from his truly amazing networked French boules game, store catalogue systems, HUDs, or some extremely clever sculpts. Find some of them by the pool at Vent du Sud but he also has a cute little store here. And wow, his drapes (see below). They're amazingly popular and deserve to be.

If you need a special, custom script, ask him: I swear this guy could conjure up anything. Or buy some of his stuff, because it works (and he'll come and help you fix it if you, er, inadvertently do something as hair-brained with it as I usually do).

For instance, I've seen a few drapes in my time on SL, but I've never seen any that swoosh so nicely or look so stunning as his. And they're so easily resizable (oh, and he does custom ones too). Check them out at his store or here at Vent du Sud. Great prices too, and he changes the huge choice of designs regularly.

So, for patiently explaining axes (for the tenth time), for making my stuff work, and for so many other things, a huge thanks to Geek (and I also need to send a virtual hug to his lovely Agade for propping me up, being patient when Geek rushes off to fix my latest disaster, for giving great fashion advice, for running around helping people too, and not least for making me laugh).

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mardi gras, and are you sitting comfortably?

Mardi Gras is coming fast, so here's another taste of Alain Papp's amazing creations for any carnival: for both men and women. Really, one of these is more than just an outfit, it's an experience. So much is included, and it's all just stunning. Check out his store at Vent du Sud even if it's to pick up a beautiful parasol, mask or fan.

As for me, I'm busy throwing big prims around - more news later. But until I can get around to boxing things up and taking photos, here's an offer.

This seating corner has not only half a dozen colours in each cushion, it has several great casual, animated poses in each too. The back support has 4 colours. Oh, and there's a great couples' pose for those relaxing moments together.

And no, I don't know why I called it a corner as it's round... but the unusual curved shape is really handy for so many places, either inside or outside: a great change from a couch and a fun place to chill with friends.

It's been one of my popular items for a while, so here's a chance to get it for just 100L instead of 199L - only for a couple of days.

The combinations of colours (neutrals, golds, blues, tans) means there are literally HUNDREDS of looks. Simply, sober, yet so versatile!

Check out the rustic couch too right beside it too ... another carefully-crafted piece that changes colours. Go and click... you'll see.

Back to work, because there are lots more surprises in store at Vent du Sud
(oh, and click on the cannon in the square... just a hint... but a brilliant idea for any role-play place or for photos).

Sunday, 7 February 2010

A little (affordable) luxury this Sunday?

Luxury: it's a bit easier to achieve on SL than in RL, but even then... not always that easy or I'd have a whole sim and not have to sit on my hands when I see fatpacks...

But over three years in SL, I've got picky (this being a euphemism for snob). So I'm all the more happy that the gang at Vent du Sud would rather turn out a few things, lovingly created, than focus on rushing things out for a quick buck. Mind, I wish we could afford not to sell things at all but just give them away... a girl can dream, eh?

So - here's a couple of 'luxuries' for the weekend. No, not freebies, although we'll always do those... (and still lots of Valentine's dollarbies and 5L specials at Vent du Sud... grab those too! )

First, how about a Valentine's gift that will stay beautiful all year round, and remind you of great, romantic moments?

I've made two flowerboxes: not too primmy (10) in two very different styles: glass or wood, and normally I'd put them on sale at around 150L. But this SUNDAY they're at 60L only: they're transfer, so perfect for a gift, or simply to put on your own wall. Here.
(Apologies for the dodgy photos but EVERY time I take one lately, all my dialogue boxes go transparent and it's driving me NUTS).

Next, fountains. When Menthal Oh makes fountains... he makes fountains. Ranging from simple and sober to more quirky and downright fun. Water that trickles, flows: intricate doesn't describe it. Here are a couple.

Yes, they're a bit primmy... but unique. And none of them are over 200L. Gorgeous for your apartment, or a fantastic decoration for your store.

And no, I'm not forgetting fashion. How could I because there, luxury is just as important.

Can't you just imagine the swish of this skirt? A super outfit (mix and match it too). Beautifully finished, and made by French designers who know what looking really chic and classy is about.

The whole outfit is just gorgeous, and it's on sale at Ashton and Lane: "Moulin Rouge". It's... gorgeous. Adjectives fail me, obviously.
Don't forget they also have TWO amazing freebies: white stilettos and 3 beautifully made basic tops. Direct tp HERE.

So, that's the 'luxury line-up' for this weekend.

Sundays are great for SL shopping, so how about offering yourself a little LUXURY...
... at Vent du Sud, of course!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Get one of these free, but which?

I promised my subscribo group a gift this week, so... I kept it. Thing is, I made two versions and liked both of them, so ONE is inside and the other isn't (a transfer version).
So hop over to Fleurs du Sud (part of the Vent du Sud mainstore) and get one of them free! The subscribo is just out front. But do it quick as I'll be taking it out again this weekend.
The idea is a useful flower trough that looks just as good on a wall as it does over a balcony or on a front step. Superb, clear textures with lots of detailing as always.

Just ask if you want other plants inside and I'll happily do you a custom version or different sizes (store owners or people with rentals, please note!)

Copiable versions of both on sale at Vent du Sud for 129L (7 prims).

In fashion news, Alain Papp's carnival costumes, masks, fans and parasols are attracting a lot of attention. If you've ever dreamed of a sumptuous, unique treasure (for both men and women), now's the place and time!

Photos can't do them justice... but come and at least take a look. Alain is more than happy to model them for you or to make a really special, one-off version just for you.

Right now, there's a whole lot to see (and do) at Vent du Sud, so drop in for a quick visit!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tuesday treats and a small dose of political incorrectness

Y'know if February is a dreary month, Tuesday is a dreary day.

So to cheer it up a little, here's some really pretty, detailed specials from Fleurs du Sud: the rose in the glass vase is still at 1L (boy, it's popular), and the two heart boxes (pink or sober silver) at just 5L... not bad, as the lid opens on click and a second click on the heart inside gives you a (discreet) shower of pretty glass hearts. A fun little gift, because it's transferable.

I'd say buy a dozen and hand 'em out to your harem but that would be sexist, yes? (Yes). But hey. who wouldn't like a little token of appreciation, even if they're just a great friend?

Moving on (good idea, Ari), I've also put out one of our new, also transferable, oil lamps at half price - 49L: click the control and the flame lights or goes out, and click the chimney for a lovely soft glow. Just 3 prims!

And finally, for that zen feeling so hard to achieve on Tuesdays, the incredibly pretty tabletop pool with candles (you can blow them out too) is also at half price (just 29L).

All great gifts (or one for yourself) to brighten up a Tuesday. But don't wait too long: they'll be there for just a few days.

Get them at the newly refurbished FLEURS DU SUD right by the Vent du Sud mainstore.

Not forgetting fashion, did you know that Rett's very sexy Valentine's lingerie is also transferable? Get to it, guys. Click right here!

(And a PS: click on the Vent du Sud subscribo outside the main store today, as there's a gift in store for everyone later this week!)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hauling prims

February is often such a dreary month but fortunately there are things that make it a lot better.

First up, this month we're focusing on carnivals, Mardi Gras, whatever you want to call it. And as we're lucky enough to have Alain Papp - THE specialist for carnival costumes, you can check out his jaw-dropping masterpieces, or even just treat yourself to a superb mask or a fan for that special event. Check out his luscious, extravagant creations on the square.

Then there's Menthal who is offering what can only be called the ultimate in atmosphere...

Smoke or mist? Click the box and choose a colour. Bubbles? Yep, those too. Try them out on the square and buy one for your next party.

They give out... er... a LOT of mist or bubbles, and click on and off (useful, that). He's right next door to Alain now!

We've called this series... OH! (His name is Menthal Oh, and eau (prounounced oh) means 'water' in French. Not sure you needed to know that, but hey... direct tp to OH!)

I just love the helix bubble lamps... and they're a steal at 100L - great gift, too.

Great for parties, no? Or any modern build.

Me? I've moved the flowerboxes beside my Vent du Sud mainstore, and put in new ones (with a couple of dollarbies and more surprises to come. Think 'VALENTINE GIFTS' with a touch of class - go check it out!

And just to make sure there are always lots of surprises here, Ferri Lane has put out a superb pair of classic white stilettos for FREE (and yes I know the photo is red).
Grab them at Ashton and Lane, as well as their welcome gift (see Sunday's blog)

So as always, lots of newness, lots of superb, unique things... and lots of fun. All at Vent du Sud!