Sunday, 27 February 2011

52 Weeks of colour, teal. And SPRING

Slowly, slowly catching up after travels and tribulations. And best of all, yesterday felt like spring.

The warmer weather also led me to haul out THIS, which I made last year. Click to get different types of spring flower in each pot (meaning lots of combinations).

Go splurge ONE WHOLE LINDEN for it here at Vent du Sud, near the subscribo?

And if you DO mosey on over there, and are not signed up, then please do so because a couple of spring flowers will be popped in there within a day or two.

But back to teal. I love the soft, muted teals as much as I dislike bright turquoise (and bright lime is going to be a challenge!).
The sweater from Fishy Strawberry was perfect, then, and those boots from J's match it perfectly. Tinted white socks from Ducknipple and pants from Coco.

OK, going to use my energy and freedom to get going with all the promised newness at Vent du Sud (and look for something in lime).

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Late for red, later for Chinese new year (but 1L goodness!)

I could use a bit more lying watching stars...

And one of these, plus a warm breeze to do it in.

The gazebo is up on the cliffs at Vent du Sud. Naturally, it's 1L.  Simple, but lots of attention to detail.
Click on the curtain to close it for a romantic hideaway.
Click on the lamp to turn the light on. . 

Again, 1L for the CURVE IT seating arrangement (up to 5 people, also couples poses).  
Deep burgundy and black, also simple and also mod / copy: great for outdoors or indoors at just 9 prims.

Dress from ICING, 'Chinoiserie', including the hair flowers.
Hair Cora by I love Olive.
The Vent du Sud gazebo
Now, if I can just do teal before the weekend I will be one happy blogger.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Open letter to a vigilante

Dear person who sent me this note (see below) after visiting Vent du Sud... you have made me so damned upset and angry after just getting back from a netless week in *** Africa... I could strangle you.

Once I have stopped using Kleenex and wondering why the hell I bother trying to make stuff accessible, that is.

"You L$1 beds (and other items) are filled with fullperm animations (mod/copy/trans)
I doubt that the animators you (hopefully) bought those from with a licence are very happy about that.
You are giving away their work for free and spreading it around the grid this way.
Any person can rip them out and use them in their own creations.
They have been noticed about it and given a landmark to your store.


You are 190 days old, purchased NOTHING... and you are not even right.

I have just frantically checked EVERY item I sell (not give away because my policy is to sell decor for 1L) to see if they have the right permissions.

And they *all* do... except one mod/copy bed (which is now fixed). So yes, good to have a heads-up and bad me for missing it.


It would have been nice not to jump to conclusions and start sending notes and accusing (just loved that snarky little "hopefully").  

Every last animation I use is either paid for or, more rarely, a full-perm freebie. And the creators - if they keep their logs long enough - will be able to see that.

My reply?

Thank you for the note

And yes, indeed I have paid for ALL the animations as the creators will no doubt be able to confirm. So no worries there.

In fact, there is one bed where I did not apply mod copy only to the animations so I do appreciate the heads up. All my other items have mod copy animations ONLY... unless they are full perm, free animations such as those by XXXX (check them out on the marketplace). I use those in my XXX line and as they are FREE then I see no issue if they remain full perm.

(note by me, but in fact no, they all have only mod copy perms on the anims)

I am not GIVING these away but in fact selling decor for 1L, but I am grateful for the heads up about the one bed. Thank you. 

So, Ms Vigilante, hope you are feeling pleased with yourself.

Right now, I am tempted to close Vent du Sud (but I hope it will pass). 

Saturday, 12 February 2011

52 weeks of colour, black (late, frugal version) and Vent du Sud in print

Got back from the UK late Thursday, leave for Africa tomorrow for a week.

No, it is not glamorous. Seriously, the next person who says 'you are so lucky' should try it: cattle class seats, security check nightmares, seeing nothing but airports, hotels and offices. But it pays the bills.

So, er, yes. Point made. And the point HERE... is...


... me being frivolous in black and getting teased by the Vent du Sud gang as I rushed around to get the shots.

I need frivolous (particularly since I have to drag out the 'serious me' clothes again this afternoon). 
What no Vent du Sud plug? Well sure... still sitting on a massive pile of new decor to be photographed and finished, but black and frilly and platinum were the easy way out.

Great magazine though, go  look!

Going to get the iron out now (so, so glamorous, yep).

Credits: ALB Dream Fashion former freebie, without the skirt *cough*, but a sample of the great stuff you can find there. Former hair freebie from Maitreya. Yep, frugal. But fun.

Now, can I fit in 'red' before I go, while muttering that I shall spend 14 February in a plane?


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tree house, ta-ta and tea party

 Ah, Vent du Sud, early morning on a blustery, wintry day. .

I'm in the process of packing bags (again) for two nearly back to back trips. And yes, I'll log in, but not a lot (the UK is fine, Botswana not so sure... although I do have a couple of days in between)

And I'll miss the place.

But while I'm away, go buy yourself a tree house or a lighthouse, hm? Or a farmhouse (not shown, go for a stroll...). Remember there are three lighthouses.

All builds for 50L, of course. Mod/copy of course, and low-prim too!

Before I go, though, I have a tea party to go to. A well-worn favourite from AlaFolie, with heavily modded hat (former freebie from Astraia).

See you all soon (unless I can fit in a black post for the 52 weeks of color between trips).

And go feel the breeze and watch the sea at Vent du Sud?  Also, last couple of weeks before a LOT of new stuff is out, so take advantage NOW of all the 1L goodies before I take 'em away and replace them with newness.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Perplexed of Provence (and 52 weeks of colour, Emerald)

No, the post has nothing to do with the pictures, but I really AM perplexed.

Like many bloggers, I do look at my stats. And like any blogger, I am intrigued to see where most visitors come from.

And, well, maybe I shouldn't have done that lingerie post. Or the school uniform post.

Because I am getting a relatively HUGE amount of hits from...

... what could best be described as an 'adult meeting site' in a Big Town Near Me.

So here is a little hint to my faithful readers...

Yes, I am female. But no, I do not look like my avatar. And I am not looking for 'adult meetings'.

(Oh, and I rarely wear evening gowns, my schoolgirl days are long over and my lingerie is... well, we won't go into that. My business). 

Credits. Romantica evening gown from Adam N Eve, which was gold and a freebie, and being broke frugal, I tinted it. It is VERY nicely done, not sure if still available. And the necklace from Alchemy Immortalis, which is also stunning (as is the sim).
This setting however, is (of course) Vent du Sud, with its remarkable 1L decor and 50L builds.

So bye for now, faithful readers -  and for those using that meeting site, good luck?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Chaos, etc.

What I wanted to do on SL this month (OK now last month) was to redo the Vent du Sud main store, finish a whole line of new stuff, and dance a little.

RL turned out otherwise so I have been on and off planes (and not for a vacation).

I did, however, get these out... easy to find in the (not redone) main store.

9 prims, TRANSFER... and 1L

Yes, OK, it's a little early but I have to get on a few more planes over the next couple of weeks. In fact, on 14 February I shall in fact be flying from France to an obscure part of Africa for a few days.

10 prims, TRANSFER, and 1L

 Transfer, for a change so you can give them to somebody (no really?).

Do drop by, and remember that all Vent du Sud decor is at 1L.