Friday, 29 July 2011

In which Ari is dyslexic

Or more precisely discalculate (I only get numbers wrong).

Soooo the link to PRICKLE is now fixed... because I inverted two of the co-ordinates.

But it means you get another look!

Poses and prickle, and in which Ari confesses to being converted.

Poses... are one of my weak points in SL. It took me what, two years to get beyond a freebie sexy walk and buy a decent AO.

My early blog posts (no, no, don't look) bear ample witness to this.

The photography was crap too but then I discovered (gosh wow) you could process SL photos.

(Yes, I can be slow at times).

Thanks to a little help from friends, however (and reluctantly - being frugal) buying some poses, I am converted. And here comes PRICKLE!

See, when Darkley wondered aloud if it was worth trying to sell hers, I looked at her posters and dragged her screaming to Vent du Sud.

(No, she didn't scream much, I am exaggerating).

But, I mean LOOK. Aren't these fun? And different (and the ones below are FREE).

Different is good. And Darkley is working on MORE.

So come check them out at PRICKLE.

And looks like a few walls will need to be moved soon at Vent du Sud to accommodate more.

*Wanders off happily debating when and where the knuckledusters included in the boxing set could come in handy*

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fly me to the moon? Patriarch and shifting furniture (52 weeks of color)

I needed a break from moving stuff around in Vent du Sud, so I rummaged around in my inventory a bit, having vague memories of some of my BareRose stuff coming in a nice patriarch-y purple.

And HEY PRESTO - there it was. Fly Me To the Moon.

So I went around being dramatic and diva-like, humming away "Fly me to the mooooooooooooon, let me swing among those staaaaaaars"...

Lots of fun.

I'd just got to this one... (a roof seemed like a good place to stand, at the time)

... when a friend rolled up.

"Ari what on earth are you doing up there? And what are you doing dressed up like that? And I thought you were sorting out your sim?"
Clearly, I don't do silly often enough. And I never wear evening dresses to build, I admit. Well, usually. Just call me staid.

But I did (reluctantly) give up the idea of being SL's next cabaret sensation and got back to moving stuff around.


So do drop into Vent du Sud - I'm basically moving a few things and retiring others, and making room for some new stuff. 

Meaning that it could be time to grab a few Vent du Sud 1L decor items while you can?

And no, I won't sing to you. And I will probably be in jeans.

BareRose "Fly me to the moon" (comes in 4 colours, sculpt top)
Cinch belt, part of romper suit
Hair, Afterglow by Cake
Location, VENT DU SUD!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One thing at a time, and in which Ari nearly goes shopping

I had to start somewhere after doing so little in SL for so long.

The temptation, of course, was to go on a shopping spree for new clothes and hair and shoes and skin and jewellery and poses....

... (and I am so behind on the 52 weeks of colour but I'll get there too).

But first, I told myself sternly, it was time to tidy up / improve some of the sim builds because by popular request  (don't exaggerate, Ari) somebody asked for them. And they badly needed tweaking.

So I retextured, tidied up and (I think) improved them. 

First up is the revamped MEDITERRANEAN PATIO which I am fond of - perhaps because this July in the south of France is turning out to be like a particularly drizzly April.

I use it as part of the mainstore layout, but it is particularly good as a lovely, roomy outdoor space (hey, maybe you need the Mas du Soleil, my French farmhouse too?), with lots of pots of flowers, seating, lighting.

So I threw some of those in (Vent du Sud is like that).

So you get the patio (15 prims), the seating (20), the gas lamp (1) and the planter (5), all mod / copy  and all for JUST 50L.
Buy it at the sim or on the Marketplace
Add your own dances, a barbecue, an outside eating area... and you're all set for those warm Mediterranean evenings. Whatever they may be (excuse me while I stare outside and frown).

So, it was nearly time to get shopping. But  the Marketplace was having a Bad Photo day so a little coaxing was necessary. .

Maybe tomorrow?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

In praise of antibiotics, breedable shellfish, and the Marketplace

So where was I?

Ah yes, whining about a long trip and a sprained ankle.

Better skip the gruesome details of ear and chest infection then (Mr RL and me). Which has not been funny, let's leave it at that.

Meaning that building attempts have been a little like this.

And 52 weeks of colour? A little like this

(spot the trainers and denim).

I did celadon for the 52 weeks of colour. But what I called it or where I filed it, I have no idea. Probably under 'snapshot' in my 2007 archives.

Worryingly, I have also been translating (slowly, amid whimpering) narcotics legislation all week. And rather wishing I had some handy because antibiotics and my insides have never been the best of friends (and you can't drink). Proofreading Monday. I fear the worst.

BUT... I finally dragged myself up by the scruff of my neck this morning (while thanking the Tylenol gods) and got some more builds on the marketplace, including the summer cabins (wow look link to the Marketplace).

So now you can shower your friends with gifts such as farmhouses and lighthouses and CABINS, all for 50L (and come check them out at Vent du Sud first).

You know, I felt so crappy I nearly went a bought a Meeroo. But I'd probably have starved it or lost it or bored it to death with my whining. Or renamed it, forgot the name, and filed it under 'miscellaneous' (now there's a scary place).

Next week, however, is back to building and being dynamic. Really.

And please remind me I can't afford have a Meeroo anyway. I have half a dozen sets of textures I want first, and by the time I've got those, people will have moved on to breedable ... whatever nobody's thought of yet. Shellfish? Complete with pearls? (Remember you heard this here first).

(PS: I am not fishing for sympathy. There are far worse things than ear infections (for instance man with ear infection). And I am so looking forward to finishing these pills tonight and hauling out the wine tomorrow).

(PPS OK maybe I am fishing for sympathy a bit).

Monday, 11 July 2011

Ode to ice packs, travel, chili and security checks)

It took 30 hours and limping through 4 airports to get home from a Very Long Way Away, and all that for 2.5 days of work. I lost count of the security checks. Ugh. 

See, I sprained my ankle on the way OUT there, meaning it's been both a painful and net-deprived few days. (Note to self - look at ground when hopping on airport buses).

So this morning, with a confuzzled body clock and glorious technicolour left foot, I have been gazing at landscapes both virtual and real and...

I am so glad to be home.

Once I feel halfway human, I am looking forward to diving back into Vent du Sud and making stuff again (next long-haul trip is end October - phew). And catching up with 52 weeks of colour posts.

This post, however, is a brief RL - SL sort of post to say:
- My cats wish to express their thoughts on their staff going away
- I am still alive (although kicking could be painful)
- Ice packs are wonderful things.
- I could get used to copious amounts of rum (it mixes beautifully with painkillers, to the point I sailed through the jet lag that end)
- Go buy Enkythings amazing Talyna shoes at Vent du Sud (quick plug but ouchhhh the very THOUGHT of heels right now...)

 - Oh, and great chili place at Miami airport but, um, CHILI followed by long plane journey...? (I had salad). 

... and all things considered, I prefer both RL and SL France to hot tropical places that require endless treks through airports.

So see you soon at Vent du Sud.

(Where you don't even need a security check to discover the place).

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mauve and too rambly for a snappy title.

I finally put a few things out at Vent du Sud: just a few basketweave things with lots to click on (mauve being one of the four colours of the lining). One of these is free and the others? ONE linden as usual.  
Find them outside one of the summer cabins, right here. 

And... *cough* they include a pet cushion thing. My SL cat has gone AWOL so just imagine it there? 

And speaking of mauve, or purple in any shade, Mr RL hates it. Loathes it. 

 My RL wardrobe now contains no mauve, but in SL, it sure does (credits later).

In fact, I got quite carried away with the whole 'mauve' thing and among some rather dodgy 52 weeks of colour attempts, took this as well... with a little help from Windlight, but I like it, so you get to see it.

Sorry. But Vent du Sud in mauve. Heh.

Now, if I wasn't about to start packing again (on Monday for a Very Long Way Away but only for 2.5 days of work... but thanks to endless flights nearly a week in all), I would ramble about lots of other things.

What I must slide in, though, is  another not-very-good photo - but see that fabulous shade of mauve in the Enkythings shoes? I would love a pair in RL. 

Mr RL would, however, throw a hissy fit.

I also need to ramble more about textures, and start on a massive to-do list for SL but, with luck, this is my last work trip until mid-September. 

So one last mauve photo (damn I wish I could do SL stuff on planes) and fingers crossed I get a Net connection - I do actually miss Vent du Sud when I'm hauling my ass to weird bits of the planet. 

Dress Mrinali, Zaara
Shoes Talyna by Enkythings (available at Vent du Sud)
Hair Melody by Elikatira
Bracelet by Muse (I think the store closed)
And... (as a teaser for a coming post), most of the basket and lining textures by Insight designs, which are always superb and my absolute favourite for quality.