Sunday, 27 September 2009

NEW! Fleurs du Sud flowerboxes

Back to lots of activity at Vent du Sud after the summer. Rett is muttering and fine-tuning some brand new outfits, Menthal is spreading smoke all over the square as he works on a plane (more about all this later as the flight scripts are... not quite ready, meaning - well - you can imagine but be prepared to duck).

And me? Well, after a little gentle persuasion on the lines of 'less gossiping, blogging and go and make something' from my much-loved friends... I did.

I still need to take some decent photos... OK I need to learn to take decent photos.

But after all this rambling, here's a preview: FLEURS DU SUD and a line of 'flowerboxes' and other floral arrangements that are - I think - unique in SL. Find the new store on the main square!

Why? Because just popping a pot in a plant anywhere near a window and the delightful SL alpha-issue immediately rears its head. With a flowerbox on your wall, that's one problem less, eh?

What? Elegant frames, a mix of sculpts, soft lighting, water, superb textures. Bring greenery and elegance, nature into your home for a real touch of class and a statement piece if ever there was one. (Pumpkins: note the pumpkins...).

How much? Prices are all below 200L (some well below and one is marked down to just 50L - go look!). Prims: from 7 to 16. So far, 8 to choose from and more on the way

(Note:) My subscribo people will be getting a special flowerbox FREE as soon as I have a few minutes. Find the machine outside the Vent du Sud shop, also on the square.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Class (and Rett puts something on SALE)!

Now, girls and boys. Time for a math lesson - absolutely essential for working out how to handle those Linden dollars, no?

At Vent du Sud, our guys are always helpful, see. And Geek Back's latest scripting masterpiece is just that. Touch the blackboard, and you're all set for an interactive lesson (in English...). Slouch on one of the benches, and feel sorry for the little guy in the corner wearing the Dunce's cap, or admire the amazing detail in the classroom, expertly created by Geek and Menthal Oh. And, no - it's not for sale, just for fun, although the blackboard (seriously, it's soooooo clever) can be yours, tailored to your own needs, by contacting Geek.

If you're interested in a schoolroom setting for role play, then let Geek or Menthal know, and they'd be happy to provide desks (they have great animations) and the other accessories too.

And naturally, our very own Rett Gentil joined in the 'back to school' fun too. And (wait for it...) her schoolgirl outfit is available ON SALE. Yes, I really said sale. For 250 instead of 350, and ONLY in the classroom. Lots of options with this outfit, and definitely a very sexy schoolgirl indeed. Thanks, Rett - I'm so glad she has a roomy store with us with all her unique styles, so don't forget to check them out (plus her subscribo and cute free outfit).

So, drop in and test your brain power, pick up our other superb Vent du sud freebies (new ones coming soon, yet again), and relax by the sea in the warm, gentle end-of-summer days in a superb Mediterranean setting.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Something very special this month at Vent du Sud: an underwater (yes - underwater) photo exhibition by R0bin Helsinki, one of SL's fun, dynamic photographers with an eye for the 'different'. It's opening today, but will run for the whole month of September

How to visit? Well, wearing scuba gear specially made by Geek Back for the occasion - pick it up here for free, and glide through the stunning photos, lit up by your divers' mask and with the smooth, perfect animation making it all a great experience. In a hurry? You can visit on foot and admire the great photos (mind the stingray, OK?).

So please drop in, enjoy a swim, a game of pétanque or, enjoy a whiff of the Mediterranean.

Other great surprises are in store too... always something new to see and do at Vent du Sud, not forgetting the great shopping for unique décor and classy clothes.