Monday, 31 March 2008

The sad, sad tale of land baron vs. a client

Land baron 1, friend 0.
Removed the post. She doesn't deserve to be evicted just for questioning his behaviour.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Male poses, SL frustrations and the virtual world's greatest fireplaces

Nothing like an eclectic title, eh?

Not a unique phenomenon I guess, those 'bad SL days'. Or weeks. But take a blend of lots to do (self-inflicted and try to remeber this is a hobby, Ari), prims that refuse to play the game, textures likewise, poseballs... see later..., and people doing weirder things than normal. Result? A grumpier, less motivated version of me.

And low sales don't help - or lower than usual anyway. Let's be honest about this... I'm not in it for the money or I'd be making totally amazing designer clothes instead of furniture and decor, but it would be nice to cover the rent. Still not exactly doing the world's greatest marketing campaign either because I got carried away dismantling a chunk of my house - on purpose may I add - and improving it. One needs a glamorous setting for those Barbie moments, n'est-ce pas? And still doing those, so clearly all is not lost. Quite. Yet.

However, I took some more photos of stuff I've done for friends (and then put on sale - at least I had enough wits to do that). See the pretty!

And before I run out of things to whinge about, is it me, or are most 'male seated' animations not very, y'know, male? Sure there are a few, but the price of the - albeit excellent - copiable ones is making me blink, since the odds of me selling enough pieces to even break even is somewhat remote. See, I have a friend who wants a multi-anim seat for men, and so far she's shaking her head at the freebie and cheapo ones I have and sighing."But Ari, men just don't sit like that". And she's right. My virtual feet are aching with traipsing through animation stores.

And why yes, this is quite possibly a weak excuse to get some nice, new, shiny, comfy, ridiculously high stilettos. Which is one of those little perks of SL, no?

Maybe I don't have the blues that badly after all..

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Idleness is nothing unless well carried out

Non-productive day.

  • Didn't figure out links to send people to my store or to OnRez (for the day that my readership soars from zero to millions. Hah).

Edited to add: /21/

Didn't take photos apart from this one

  • Didn't send group announcements about Venice (can't link to the place either but it will happen).
  • Didn't add lighting to new marketplace in Venice.
  • Didn't go SL shopping (this is, however, a good thing if I am to embark on a massively effective but no doubt expensive publicity campaign) (edited to add... it was stipend day this morning and there were these shoes....)
  • And finally... didn't make stuff. Or sell anything. (Edited to add: this has not changed).
But hey, it was Monday. And I had a pleasant evening gossiping on the square in Venice.

These pretty urn-vase-pot things are part of my pottery / ceramics collection, which are of course totally amazing and all about the texture. And of course I can't link to them (yet). And come to think of it I need some sort of 'line' name that is just a little more slick than urn-vase-pot things.

Today is another day, right? Just need to earn an RL living then must pick self up by scruff of neck and get on with this SL marketing thing.

Monday, 10 March 2008


Marketing, says daughter doing MBA. Marketing is important. Even if you are not a geek and much prefer fiddling around with pretty textures and engaging in Deep Philosophical Conversation (or, let's be honest, exchanging landmarks for shoes or hair).

So. The OnRez drop box. The battle over all the things you have to click on. We won't even go into the fact that SL photos are .bmp and OnRez wants .jpeg (see how these terms drip off my tongue?). And the photos: the decapitated ones, the 'oops forgot to rename' ones... But finally, that li'l lamp and that fountain up there materialised as 'for sale' along with a few other things.

Now of course wondering why the whole of SL hasn't stampeded to buy them. Right.

Next challenge is to find out how to insert links to a) the most amazing interior decoration place on SL (mine, of course) and b) the OnRez entry. All, of course, for my blog readership of one, because it would also be kinda useful to point to its existence. Mmhm.

Then of course there are the zillion other things to take photos of and get onto OnRez. Just that those textures in my inventory beckoning me back to my platform to go play. And the new chair concept, and the sounds I want to add to my fireplaces. And the apartments I still have to decorate (note to self: take photos of the 30 or so places I've done, and take photos, and make a press book and... yeah.

Marketing. Going to give it a whirl. Yep.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Um... a blog!

So what'll it be?
Terse, factual... nope
Whimsical... probably
Fun... I hope so
A totally amazing marketing tool that will instantly make me rich and famous (in virtual terms)... You never know. OK, probably not

Let's see.

*Wanders off to take a photo of something I made (see 'rich and famous') above*