Friday, 24 June 2011

(Not) catching up but jade and curves and oh so tired

Rollled in last night after two back to back trips, one unplanned. Woke up surrounded by happy cats, and coffee is on the way.


Except I have to leave again in 9 days for what I hope is the last trip for a couple of months and before that I have a desk groaning with things to finish. So on with the 7 days a week marathon for a bit longer.

 I miss SL and  Vent du Sud, though. I really miss slinging prims and watching virtual waves, and...

...ah well. I also miss sleep and time to curl up with a book but must not complain. As I said, I have work and quieter times are sort of in sight. (Whine whine whine).

Ah yes, JADE.

Which happens to be one of the colours in the NEW stuff at Vent du Sud I was all set to add to (and of course just 1L, couples and singles poses, chair and table to match).

All unusual curves and four texture options too. Only 7 prims for the couch and a tiny 4 for the chair.

 Oh and there's a bed in the same pretty colours, also 1L. Click on the covers (they include white linen and dusky pinky-purple). Two couples poses or add your own, um, accessories.

Excuse me while I rummage for something...

Ah yes, the DoNothing cushions in the four colours of the couch and bed (but each one clickable to change textures, of course). Again, 1L. Yes, one little Linden per item (like everything else in the store).

Vent du Sud and its 1L decor and 50L builds,
Jade Poison Lotus top from Fishy Strawberry
Skirt group gift from Kunglers
and shoes (OF COURSE) the fabulous Talyna from ENKYTHINGS at Vent du Sud.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

The art of tantrums, and public warning

See this?

No, not the lingerie (credits later - it was for an earlier 52 colours blog post), but the place.

The house. The house with an amazing cantilevered roof and secret rooms and lovely deck and fabulous, fabulous textures and blinds and....

The house that is now in my inventory in about 30 pieces.

So,  public warning. If you need to throw a SL tantrum and wipe out a build, first ensure that said build was linked and saved to your inventory.

The furniture and stuff, no problem as they are (surprise surprise) around at Vent du Sud for 1L a piece.

The house, which I was intending to put on sale (having spent a ridiculous amount of time on it)... will require much swearing and aligning and finding of 'object' in my inventory. Maybe.

And I do wish I had taken more pictures of the place and fewer of me in lingerie. It might help to remember what it looked like as a whole.

Hmph.  I am working, I am grumpy, and ... oh it shows?

It is, however, VERY nice lingerie.

Credits: Lilly by Insolence, furniture by Vent du Sud, house by the biggest idiot on SL (me).

Back to work.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Perfection, things you go back to, denim, Enky (52 weeks of colour)

Back in 2007, when new avatars had system shoes, I bought my first EVER pair of real shoes from Enkythings. Talyn, they were called; I felt like a million dollars. Oh, and his boots. Still among the very best in SL.

I tried on my Talyns not long ago and they are still good.

Enktan Gully, the maker, didn't release anything for 2 years, but... he's back. And he's brought out Talyna, in 12 wonderful colours. They are just gorgeous. Real classics. The ones you go back to.

By coincidence, a couple of years ago, it turned out that Enktan was a friend of my mate Agade (who is now his store manager). So when Talyna came out, I wondered if to shamelessly beg a pair come to some sort of arrangement.
One fat pack later, and with regrets that I forgot to take a photo of Enktan (who is a rather chubby sparrow in SL), ENKYTHINGS is at Vent du Sud!

So come look at Talyna because oh my it's good.

And there's a demo. And the blue pair? Just perfect for jeans.

 So, so good. No retouching, no smoothing on this photo - just perfection in SL shoes.

And something, like that perfect pair of soft, comfy jeans, you can go back to. For years.

Credits: GField capris, and - well of course - Talyna by Enkythings (right here at Vent du Sud).

Friday, 10 June 2011

Receipt and other nice surprises

At last, here is the receipt from Doctor Without Borders

A huge thanks to everyone who bought things from Vent du Sud for 5 weeks in March and April (and looking at the date, I think somebody hitch-hiked to France carrying it - it arrived a couple of days ago). 

And below? LisaMun Aronowicz.  Great  blogger, fun person and she took at photo at the Vent du Sud Mas du Soleil (French Farmhouse)!

Thank you Lisa and oh those shadows!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Settees, surprises and other new stuff

Finally, at long last, I finished adjusting poses and adding texture options to some of the junk amazing stuff on my work platform and put it out

This, for instance. New couch / sofa / settee and other things at Vent du Sud.
Couch (7 prims, singles / friends and couples anims and four texture options to click on), chair and table to match. And yes of course 1L each, mod/copy. Two of the colours here, more below.

I even thought work might be quieter and I could get MORE stuff finished, but that light at the end of the tunnel was another ****** train coming (this is a family-friendly blog but you get the point).

New bookshelf with lots of 1L pretties too (grey wood one, see the other photo).

I need to de-clutter my mainstore. I need to finish off / take photos of a whole bunch of other things.

It will happen. I do still believe in Vent du Sud but work and other hassles mean SL has been a little up and down recently. But I am still here. And I ain't going nowhere (and why yes I work with words. This is poetic licence and yes I am digressing and repeating myself because... I can).

But while you're snapping up some cute new stuff of mine (after scrolling though this abysmally rambly post)... take a quick look at a  
BIG NEW SURPRISE at Vent du Sud.

I need to take more photos of it all (says she cryptically) but can we say one of the most talented people in a certain field of fashion is showing off his latest venture next to the Vent du Sud mainstore?

No, no hints but there are demos available, and when it come to class and workmanship, it doesn't get any better than this. Go look - you know you want to!

Back to the lovely curvy settee or couch or sofa or whatever you want to call it...

Here's a little photo spam. Blogger, of course, hates me and refuses to line them up, so I have to fill in this bit of blank white page somehow...

White linen
Meaning I can put another link to Vent du Sud in here, right?

Enjoy. Remember the surprise, and go admire!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ruby - a revelation and a Resident (52 weeks of colour)

I should be blogging about some new stuff up at Vent du Sud but yesterday, see, I WENT OUT.

This place

.It is so, so beautiful that even being accosted by well, a fairly tenacious 'new resident' with less than honourable intentions didn't spoil it.

So peaceful, so tranquil, so WISTFUL there. My photos don't do it justice. And it had a heron that told me he is a second cousin of Harold, at Vent du Sud.

Mr Resident told me he would like a beultiful woman like me. I cut him slack because he was not a native speaker, said thank you, and moved on.

It even has a grand piano.

Mr Resident tried to sit on it. Mr Resident was becoming irritating.

So with one last look (and reluctantly hitting the mute button for my new admirer who told me he knew good sexy place), I headed back to Vent du Sud to build things again.

I must get out more often. Go visit this place though, it's stunning. And then, of course, drop in at Vent du Sud to see what I've been putting in the mainstore.

Credits: Corset from 5th & Oxfort, beautifully made. Harem pants from Milk Motion. Bracelet from Muse, sadly no longer on SL. Truth Pia hair.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Swingingly, swimmingly: swings that swing

There are times when I wish I had a nine to five job with things like weekends and vacations. But my work swings wildly from ridiculously busy to just busy.

However, I am sort of catching up and finishing things, so expect a whole lot of new items arriving at Vent du Sud over the next few days.

Well, unless more excrement hits the ventilator.

But let's get to the swing.  Which is finished.

1L and mod / copy. Colour change canapy and cushions, me or us poses, couples poses.

Prims, you ask?


And it swings. Very gently. Very soothingly.


Ah. Forgot to take the other photo with different colours. Bad blogger.

Can you imagine a sort of soft pale aubergine please? Good. And white linen with grey stripes?

Thank you. Or you could, of course, go look. And click. And swing.

Here's the soft blue and green stripes. So you get the idea. Four pretty summer colours. Others on request.

So off you go. Swing. 1L. Here at Vent du Sud. Go get it.

Read the notecard too, please because since the swing actually swings (because they should, no?) the seat part is separate from the frame part (insert unintelligible stuff about hierarchised prims here). And the explanation about rezzing two parts in the notecard is far more coherent than this blog post, I promise.

Back to building and I am having such a good time throwing prims around again.

 Other credits: favourite summer dresser EVER, meaning the Summar Romance one from SALT. Espadrilles from Coco and newwwwwwww  mussed flowy messy hair from Truth (Pia).