Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Romance, spring, fireflies and other strange happenings

There an unmistakable air of - well - ROMANCE in the air at Vent du Sud.

Yes, yes, I know. It's spring. Young man's fancies and all that but it seems to be contagious, or at least it's bringing out the pastel colours in me.

Rett is talking about fabric swatches and then wandering off to dance (and I'm trying to persuade her to put her wedding dress on sale... but - if you quote this blog and tell her you're getting married, I'll wrangle a reduction out of her). Find it on the easel in her store.

Me? I'm still scattering flowers everywhere (and haven't reset those I put out at half price yet as they're going down well - see yesterday's blog), and Menthal... well...


Yes, I know particle fairy lights aren't new. But this is SO PRETTY. Little bursts of soft, pastel lights that float and dance and sway lazily up into the air. 

Perfect for a dance floor, for your garden. Easy controls, and you can tuck the emitter away and just dance or sit and dream (romantically) as they float around you. It's VERY soothing, believe me.

Pop over, have a dance on the square, and turn it on (it's next to the smoke emitter and the bubbles and yes you can click on those too -  I'm quite used to logging in and finding the place awash with both).

Today and for a couple of days, get it for HALF PRICE at 250L (and it's mod/copy too so think garden, terrace, club... even your bathtub - grab some candles from Vent du Sud and you're all set). The box is easy to find and has a picture on it saying FIREFLY MACHINE (near the tp point).

Oh... and take his plane or go-kart for a trial run while you're there?

Ah spring, Gotta love it. It's even making a grumpy old cynical like me get romantic and pastel-ish. Should I worry?

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Will spring ever happen?

Yesterday, we had sunshine. Today... pouring rain again plus thunder (yay for lightning-proof socket-thing for the PC) and COLD. Not quite how you'd imagine spring in southern France.


But anyway, it's spring at Vent du Sud... or at least we're gearing up for all sorts of things including some great spring FASHION from Rett, Alan and Ashton &  Lane.

First off today, though, newness and as always a special offer as a kick-off: A whole bench of spring plants (and you can change each sort of flower by clicking - clever, huh?) So lots of combinations of tulips, crocuses, daffs. Including the watering can and the soil riddle. And being mod-copy, you can also help yourself to any of the plants or the watering can separately (the plants and watering can are all 2 prims each). Good deal!

Prims: 12
Price: normally 195, today at just 100L.
Find it on the square.

Next up, a watering can with three sculpty tulips.  
Prims: 5
Normally 79L, today just 35.

And last but not least, see the rock amid the daffs? It'a poofer and a special dollarbie

Meaning a LOT of flowers for just ONE prim and 1L (and it turns on and off on touch). 

Find it near the big olive tree, and help yourself!
But before you go, hit the subscribo outside Vent du Sud? It's time for another gift in there and I should finish it in a day or two (as my RL garden is a sea of mud...).
Hope to see you soon in Vent du Sud!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Because you need to dream: the tower

After 3 weeks of RL work hell and precious little time for SL, here's the Vent du Sud tower.

Because we all need to dream a little, no?

Superb textures and incredible detailing. Old stone, pure marble, shimmering water, soft lighting from an elegant chandelier, a touch of hanging greenery and elegant wrought iron - plus luxurious extras.

It can be so many things:
- a place to exchange your vows or for any special moment
- a romantic hideout in the sky or on land
- a stunning feature for your land: whether it's a fantasy setting, a mediaeval one or far more modern. Check it out and you'll see!

~ Packed in an easy to use rezzer with full instructions in English and French
~ Fully rezzed, 48 prims. Without the cushions, topiary pillar and firebowl in the top room, 40.
~And as it's MOD / COPY you can place as many of the cushions, firebowls and the greenery as you like. (The cushions are in rich brocade, colour change, and have 3 great animations).
~The soft muslin curtains are retractable, so it's delightfully cosy for those romantic moments or airy and breezy and open to the sky (see below)
And to mark my first weekend off in ages it's out at for half price for just a VERY few days only:
just 500L instead of 995L!.

Find it in the sky above Vent du Sud: direct tp here, with an information board too (and a tp down to the sim to check out our great fashion and decor!)
Enjoy - and feel free to linger a while and DREAM!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rett has a Sale (and Ari tries not to faint)

Being self-employed in RL has its perks. There are times when I can hop inworld to watch virtual waves or fiddle with a couple of prims instead of office coffee breaks, for instance.

And there are times when I spend five days in the same pair of virtual jeans, hopping in for a couple of minutes and falling asleep in front of the PC in the evenings (not highly appreciated by virtual dancing partner). Like last week.

I'm about to embark on yet another week of suitcases and deadlines but rushed inworld looking for ideas to blog when Rett collared me. "Nice jeans, Ari... you must like them a lot". Yeah, yeah...

And then she floored me.

"Ari, I'm going to Have a Sale". (Rett likes capitals for emphasis).

Rett? A sale? Is the sky falling?

(Picture break: gorgeous 'Bali Sunrise' which is just soooo pretty... and yep, in the sale).

No, in fact she deserves a huge HUG. She enjoys Vent du Sud, likes people to discover it, and decided it would be a great idea as an exclusive place to find her unique outfits at half price.

"Including that Red one you like" she grinned.

This won't be for long, mind. In my half-asleep state I think she said 'a couple of days, Ari'.

Rett's philosophy is to make a few, beautifully finished outfits and quietly replace them after a while. Whether she's going to retire the half-dozen or so on her Sale Wall (note capitals) I don't know yet (and yes, forgot to ask, my bad) but they are so not typical 'earlier stuff to sell off cheap'.

See the red one? Sorry, Red one? That too. Here.
See this one, for instance: it moves like a dream: a lovely, floaty salsa dress (and why yes it's called Salsa)

So, time to wander over to Rett's place at Vent du Sud and snap up a couple this weekend. Because This may Never Happen Again (or at least until I'm seen hanging around in the same jeans for 5 days).

And, of course, Menthal is still to be seen posing in his rustic bath and shower (see a couple of posts earlier) and demonstrating his smoke and bubble emitters in his boxers, for the delight of female visitors (he's been holding the fort too....).

Me? Well... check out the lamps and candles (see also a couple of posts back). Not had time or energy to put the prices back from the 20L deal yet... but I do have my  IMs set to mail so around for any questions about the Vent du Sud lighthouses, etc.!