Sunday, 25 May 2008

Customer service.... or not

OK, small rant.

I understand the hassle of idiot customers who click on the wrong thing, or click twice. I understand the frustration of SL and the ongoing fun with asset servers.

But I don't understand the attitude of some 'famous' SL designers.

I'm polite. I am not a fashionista (but I am a builder... small plug for my lighthouse which is for sale but not got it boxed yet... but it's low-prim and cute. If anybody wants one, ask and I'll give it to you for a stupid price).

Anyway, back to customer service.
See, the customer is always right. Even if they're not, but a completely blurry prim skirt that looks nothing like the picture is... not a great advertisement.
And y'know, owners and creators who treat you like you're an idiot don't help. "It's tight-fitting" (yeah, right. So?). "It's fine on me" (great, but you aren't me). "I never had complaints about that outfit before" (well, you have now, and it's blurred and a mess). But I stayed polite, honest I did. Just... thought a lot.

I got grudging acceptance when I wore the offending item to show her: 'yes it looks a bit funny'. She gave me another colour (marginally less blurred but still nothing like the poster) but, shall we say, condescendingly. I didn't ask for it. I didn't want that colour. I won't wear it, but I'm also not going to die over - what?- 300L? but she didnt know that.

My idea wasn't a) to ask for a refund or b) to screw the designer and get freebies, but to point it out to her. Several people saw me attempting to wear the outfit, and not one of them saw it anything less than a blurry mess. I have friends who design clothes. Most of them aren't famous but their customer service is respectful.

Also, being given two colours to choose from and being told to 'return the one you don't want immediately' is - again - condescending, if not downright rude.
Shame, because I like the clothes (at least on the posters....)

The point? Treat me like a customer with a brain and I'll go back. Treat me like I'm an idiot, and however much I like the clothes, I won't.

No, the idea isn't to name names of those I won't go back to. But let me just say that designers like Aphrodite Outlander, SLink, LVS and Rett Gentil have all treated issues or questions I've had (usually due to SL but no doubt some to my own clumsiness) with exquisite politeness.

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