Thursday, 15 May 2008

New, amazing, etc. etc. etc.

Summer time!

Also, corporate image time (blood, sweat and tears involved but woohooo!). Vent du Sud means 'wind from the south'. I live in Provence, France.
On to the goodies. Saw a great patio set which was a little above my budget in RL but here's a version for SL in pale cream basketweave. The chair (2 prims) has about 10 colours for the cushions (change on touch) plus 4 great built-in animations: 129L. Yes, including two for men that look like, well.... male sitting positions (see earlier rant on the dearth of the things).
The table has 5 prims and incredible detailing and only 99L.Find them at the back of the store, at
Finally (for those who haven't scrolled on yet...) a great seating corner which has five cushions each with several built-in anims and each one with LOTS of textures - plus a superb, cosy couples pose. Great for home, deck, beach, garden and only 199L. Soft, subtle colours and endless combinations
These are at OnRez:, but check out my store as I'm having a SALE of items I'm retiring up on the roof. Lots of great things at a fraction of the original price (yes, yes, running out of prims again).
And if anybody's still here, here's a prize for persistence: buy 200L of goods from my store, send me an IM mentioning 'seen your blog', and I'll send you a wall lamp of your choice free. I'm... um... not famous enough for my IMs to be capped so you're pretty safe ;)
Wandering off to make more stuff now. But I am making an effort at this marketing thing. Really.

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