Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sales, what sales?

OK, this time the lament of the vendor who isn't vending (but is venting instead).

I am trying to convince myself that sales are down because it's hot, it's summer, the European football (that would be soccer to you lot across the pond) was on, the general economic decline, SL borking... any excuse, really.

Of course, the fact that I'm not doing any real advertising for anything but Venice-related stuff isn't helping (well, until this particular shameless plug, of course).

I also wish I had the budget to advertise in the SL-glossies or hire a live musician or generally the time to organize a sale or some sort of amazing event. (OK, I also wish there would be world peace and I could get a decent burrito in the more bucolic bit of southern France: both of which are possibly more likely than me becoming a SLebrity or, y'know, selling enough to pay the rent.)

Do I stamp my foot and say 'not fair'? Gosh, it's tempting. Wouldn't help a lot, would it? Even if it is frustrating that the business-in-a-box lot manage to sell ripoffs that are often clunky and.... OK. I'll stop there.
There is also the possibility, of course, that my stuff is crap. I tend to think it ain't but this could be pride talking.

Sure, there's always somebody that does things better. And there are plenty of utterly superb designers and builders around on SL. I accept that. Sometimes I want to quit, but then I gaze lovingly at my stores, my colour schemes, my textures and grit my teeth (yes, yes, I did say SL was bad for teeth), and hope that next month will be better. And then I put a few more Lindens into my account pending a millionnaire (even a Linden one) saving my from RL husband's continuing mumbles about 'aren't you supposed to be making money with this weird thing?'

Now, of course, awaiting a mass stampede at Vent du Sud.


Chica Indigo said...

I can understand how you feel dear. Im a clothing designer, a texture creator and a builder. A word of advise that i can share with you is this: learn about marketing, read other blogs about sl business marketing tips, talk with other experience SL business owners, blog and ask other bloggers to add your blog link or to do a review about your stuff in their blogs, join fashcon, which is one of the best marketing tools in SL (note: for now they just accept fashion designers -clothing, shoes, jewelry- read their blog for more info). In addition you should join freebie groups like Free*style and other similar groups that let designers send notices of their freebies or dollarbies (great promo and traffic maker). Finally do monthly events, like treasure hunts. These have to be well organized and promo in as many groups (that let you promo) and blogs as you can. I personally think that the best promo for your business is, well made, high quality merchandise, good service and the word of mouth of your satisfied customers, so forget about paying ads it just doesnt work...just send ocassional freebies, make your clients happy and keep in contact all the time...oh and dont do 2 big businesses at the same time like me, LOL is just plain crazy ;p Good Luck for you...the money will come...

Just call me Ari said...

Hi - Sorry, didn't see your comment earlier...!
And yep, you're so right about it all but I don't design clothes but decor and houses, so getting on the fashion blogs is hard if not impossible. Working on getting to know other bloggers though!

Thanks so much for the feedback - really appreciate it.