Sunday, 10 August 2008

SL burglars

Edit to add: Apology sent and accepted. Nice to know that this can happen!
OK, I only have myself to blame for this, but here is an example of behaviour that makes me shake my head.

Our community is moving sim. So, we took advantage to redecorate / refurnish our residents' apartments. Let me add that the apartments aren't accessible to the public - only people who know how to use their cam could get in there. And they take some finding, too.

And... in they came: a couple who have been on SL since early 2007. They saw an apartment, furnished.

Clearly, they liked what they saw.

See, I'd set everything in there for sale at zero Linden, for the tenant to 'buy' - he's had the hassle of moving and had bought the furniture in the old place, so it seemed reasonable. But he hadn't got around to 'buying' it before our burglars came along.

Sooooooo our delightful couple roll up. Click, buy, take, and off they went. She clicks, he clicks, she clicks again. Except I looked at my transaction history this morning and noticed their 'purchases', and realised what they'd been up to (and that they were a couple). And sure enough, my tenant's apartment was missing the main furniture. Didn't like the rug, drapes, lamps or coffee table, guys?

I don't even care about the money, but I DO care about the principle. And any kind of 'oh it was a mistake' excuse... forget it. You knew perfectly well what you were doing. So, congratulations on your free furniture and your camming skills.

Again, it was my mistake for not standing over the tenant while he 'bought' the furniture in situ, but maybe I didn't count on the 'something for nothing brigade'. Actually, I can almost understand newbies doing it, but you are not newbies.

Sure, nothing on SL is really private, but maybe I'm an idealist. Considering the apartments are so obviously NOT for public visits, I'm really disgusted. If they'd taken a copy, then it's still cheeky, but to take the original? How would YOU feel if you returned home to find stuff missing?

Guys, you are a perfect example of the worst side of SL.

Oh, and by the way? The bed hasn't been properly set yet. Please don't ask for after-sales service, OK?


Aki said...

Yeah, i've had this happen to a full perms cafe i set out for a client to buy the originals for. There were dozens of pieces and not until much later did the woman who bought them have a crisis of conscience and IM me. I was able to get it all recovered eventually, but i really have no idea whether she kept copies for herself.

what a facepalm moment.

Aki said...

I maintain one of the things any content creator needs is a 'sell *to*' button on objects, not just on land.

LL has demonstrated it can be done on land to begin with... why not prims?