Saturday, 3 October 2009

Never mind the quality, read the breathless prose (rant)

Sheesh my blogs are getting boring and all about - well - SELLING stuff.
And oh dear, it's one of those days.

Well, I could get into a rant about nobody caring about my utterly exquisite creations. Or I could go away and make some more...

... or continue staring at 'bloggers' raving about an extremely marketing-savvy designer whose stuff I wouldn't buy if you paid me. But hey, kudos to her and her little band of breathless prose writers. Really. I do mean that and why of course I'm a little jealous.

Because marketing is most definitely where it's at. And I'd rather be either making things* or watching virtual waves or dancing on the square.

(I actually wanted to put this photo lower down but Blogger hates me this morning and it won't budge. So, plug*. ). I'm only human. Lousy photographer, but human ;)

Snob, you are no doubt muttering to yourselves. Who wants a 3-D arty-farty... thing for their walls anyway (although please note that it is actually at 90° despite the lousy photo.

And what about poor Ms Newbie who needs to be encouraged?

Well... yes. Definitely. But...

I was thinking about my first wonky glass bowl yesterday, and horrified at the thought that I actually tried to sell it. But (fortunately) I met a very pleasant builder-guy who was a lot SL-older and wiser than me, who said ever so politely 'you may want to work a little on your building, however tempting it is to jump on the oooooo let's do business' bandwagon.

He was so right. At this point I could show the said glass bowl, but it could be extraordinarily embarrassing. I rather hope it's fallen into the Big Inventory Void. Oh to hell with it - here it is. Why does SL save that and eat my seagull?

And no, it's not at 90°. But behold the huge discovery that you could put dimples into spheres and slap a freebie texture on. Way to go!

(Sadly, this amazing item is no longer for sale, please don't flood me with requests).

What am I actually writing about here? Good question. It's Saturday morning, and I should be running around doing laundry and gearing up for a long work trip as of Tuesday to a Long Way Away.

Actually, I think I'm saying I'd rather be making my silly fiddly things * that nobody buys than churning out same old, same old or really making the investment in time and Lindens to get my stuff known. (*another plug while we're at it).

But at the same time, much as I admire people who do get their stuff out there, I sort of prefer discovering that it's good stuff. Quality may be in the eyes of the beholder, but sloppy, blurry textures and wonky seams / alignments tend to stop me in my tracks before I can admire the 'look' for its 'artistic value'.

Here endeth a fairly useless ramble. Better than laundry, though.

And did I say plug?

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