Sunday, 27 September 2009

NEW! Fleurs du Sud flowerboxes

Back to lots of activity at Vent du Sud after the summer. Rett is muttering and fine-tuning some brand new outfits, Menthal is spreading smoke all over the square as he works on a plane (more about all this later as the flight scripts are... not quite ready, meaning - well - you can imagine but be prepared to duck).

And me? Well, after a little gentle persuasion on the lines of 'less gossiping, blogging and go and make something' from my much-loved friends... I did.

I still need to take some decent photos... OK I need to learn to take decent photos.

But after all this rambling, here's a preview: FLEURS DU SUD and a line of 'flowerboxes' and other floral arrangements that are - I think - unique in SL. Find the new store on the main square!

Why? Because just popping a pot in a plant anywhere near a window and the delightful SL alpha-issue immediately rears its head. With a flowerbox on your wall, that's one problem less, eh?

What? Elegant frames, a mix of sculpts, soft lighting, water, superb textures. Bring greenery and elegance, nature into your home for a real touch of class and a statement piece if ever there was one. (Pumpkins: note the pumpkins...).

How much? Prices are all below 200L (some well below and one is marked down to just 50L - go look!). Prims: from 7 to 16. So far, 8 to choose from and more on the way

(Note:) My subscribo people will be getting a special flowerbox FREE as soon as I have a few minutes. Find the machine outside the Vent du Sud shop, also on the square.

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