Friday, 1 October 2010

More mooning around, mea culpa and moving on

Offer: gazebo and seating - read on!
This has not been a good period in RL or SL, meaning I have been irritable, distracted, whiny and prone to engaging typing fingers before putting brain into gear on SL. And staring at the sea a lot.

For that, apologies to all those who found themselves on the wrong end of my frayed temper and frustrations. Really.

Wanting to join the cool kids and get Vent du Sud on the new Homes and Gardens sim was important and I was ridiculously excited about it, but although I signed up right at the beginning, I missed the damned reconfirmation notecard (probably due to being distracted or away or new PC or whatever). But miss them I did, by not sifting through the masses of group notices daily to check if I'd missed some, and checking my spam.

So, it didn't work. And I am utterly furious with myself but fully aware it's my own fault.

So on the waiting list I go and I do hope it's huge success. I'm just miserable about it. And even more tetchy than usual. having done my utmost to help with group questions, not exceeded the notice limit... and wanting to be part of it all.

Ah well.  Fail. 

But I think, hope, I am still going to try and get Vent du Sud on the map a bit because I'd love to share it. Not just for sales (which help, let's not get too idealistic) but also because this was my dream.

So yes, special offer again. The gazebo and seating here.

Yes, almost-freebies both. Seating for up to five, plus couples, and retractable curtain on the gazebo. Both copy, and both a teensy 10L.
Great for mooning around in. Or being romantic.

Where? Up on a hill overlooking the sim, easy to spot if you fly up from the tp point (yes I really would love people to see what we've been doing there, so humour me?).

And this is what I've been mooning around in. Skin, Tuli's new Audrey (group gift), hair from and fabulous frilly blouse from Shampooo. Having a little trouble getting enthusiastic about fashion right now, which is a bad sign.

Anyhow, offer valid for a couple of days.

I will be out of the country as of this weekend for a week (probably a good thing) but hope to log on now and then just in case my Linden balance is overflowing (riiiiight) or to deal with irate IMs because I've been such a pest.

But on coming back, time to move on, shape up or ship out.  Again, I am a realist.

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