Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Builders, bar stools and bashing head on wall

You know it's going to be one of THOSE days when workers on your roof accidentally cut off your phone line as you attempt to transmit a large bit of work, you realise you stupidly missed a rather important vital notecard and you forgot to put an announced gift in your subscribo.  
Herb trio now in there; go grab it here. 

But anyway...

Sneak preview of some new stuff as in 3-prim, 4-pose, 5-colour VENT DU SUD bar stool for just 30L (just for a couple of days, then it goes up)

Where? In the bottom half of the tree haven (have to make you work a BIT). Look for, er, a big tree. Or if you like here's a direct TP.

Another photo and showing off HOC Industries Swype sneakers below too, which are great and cheap and colour change and I could live in them RL and SL.

Ah yes and colour strip. Want bright pink? Orange? Blue? Ask and it shall be done.  The bar that goes with it will be at the main store soon too so please, other colour theme suggestions welcomed.

Back to work and trying oh so hard not to shoot builders as I would rather like my roof to be watertight by tonight. Oh, and a working connection (rushes off to bribe workers with coffee and cake).

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