Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I now have two computers that don't crash regularly.  The new work one (replaced after HD failed) and the backup one, after exploring several  dozens of possible reasons.*

And I have met a zillion work deadlines while living on tenterhooks and saving stuff to external discs every half hour.

And of course nobody wants to know all that but naturally people keep asking me if Vent du Sud is about to disappear.


Yesterday I finally started building again. And would have done more if the dishwasher hadn't decided to produce a lake on the kitchen floor.

Ah, life is full of surprises, eh?

Now, Christmas and glowy rich winter colours at Vent du Sud will not be happening quite yet, but unless some other major catastrophe happens, it will.

Even the couch above is (I admit it) a case of recolouring and retexturing, but it is a START. But it's not finished yet as I was too busy mopping up to put all the textures I wanted into it.

When I have finished it (if nothing else breaks today I should get there), I will even put parts of the set and some other stuff out for free. 

Why? Because despite me being AWOL, people have kept coming to Vent du Sud, buying stuff, and taking the time to leave messages asking if I was OK.

I'm OK.  If a little worn down (and I hate washing up by hand).

Thank you, really.

(It was also nice to get out of the same SL clothes I'd been wearing for what, six weeks? **)

I also know a lot more about Windows administrative tools, security audits and bugcheck codes than I ever expected to.

I am now off start work, with the aim of digging into my textures folder later.

*For info, Zone Alarm Pro, after its last updates, does not cohabit nicely with Windows 7 and / or Office 2010 on certain types of machine (like both of mine but no problem on Sir's with an identical setup. All perfectly legit software too. But a huge thanks to the lovely lady who came up with the idea of it being ZA at the exact moment I was ready to throw the **** machines out of the window.
** Not that you can see much, but Zaara. One of my cheerer-upper, go-to designers.

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Plasma Engineer said...

Surely you have a substitute washing up machine in the form of Mr RL! Lazy so and so! (You don't have to approve this comment - just smile at it!) xx