Sunday, 18 December 2011

Can we say HELP? (But hey, Christmas stuff)

Somehow, I got some Christmas stuff out.

Two places... the winter cabins and the  mainstore.

Above, the winter cabins. Read on... because a lot of the Christmas stuff is FREE. 


The idea was this MASSIVE MASSIVE publicity binge about how Vent du Sud did classy Christmas stuff and everybody would rush over and love it.

The reality?

Where do I start? Work arriving in ****loads, details like car window motor dying (while it was open, of course), and... getting sick of over my birthday last week.

No, I won't go on. I won't even scream about Lyon airport being closed because the security people are on strike and we are supposed to head on out on Wednesday. For a HOLIDAY (or vacation if you are across the Pond).

OK, I'll scream.

Look away, please. This is not a pretty sight.

But the Vent du Sud winter cabins ARE pretty and they are 50L each, small and larger. The lights? Not included but free and mod copy so just click and help yourself.

Grab the armchair, the firebowl, the fire basket, all for 1L.  Right here. 

ANYWAY, please do help yourself to some Christmas stuff - I shall blog about the smainstore goodies tomorrow but for today, I am in this sort of mood.

Hammock, 1L. Of course. Colour change pillows and, um, INTERESTING animations for couples.

If you get me. You do, I know, but this is what Blogger considers a SAFE blog. At least that, eh?

Find it right beside the cabins.

And here is moi. In a rather elderly top from Gryphon Wings and amazing hair from Tram.

Incredible that Avatar Ari can look so serene when her typist is about to throw the world's largest hissy fit or simply burst into tears.

Roll on 2012?  And for Vent du Sud blog posts to be, y'know, optimistic?

Mainstore stuff tomorrow but nothing to stop you going to look RIGHT NOW (classy, really... just nowhere near as much as I wanted to do).

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