Friday, 23 March 2012

How to be totally disgusted

There are plenty of things that irritate me on SL. Ranging from bling, face lamps, tacky textures, ugly builds and people who use text speak (how hard is it to type "you" and "your" and "before"?)

But this? THIS?

Pathetic. Stupid. Arrogant. Revolting.

Big-mouthed self-important wannabe SLebrities pointing fingers at people who didn't get around to blogging for Fashion for Life without having any idea WHY (or, apparently, caring as long as they get to act important on a blog).

I have never, ever seen such an unpleasant, unnecessary post on a blog.

Worse, those on the "name and shame" list are all being called "unwilling" to help by somebody else in the organisation who seems to fancy himself as a mind-reader. Frolic somebody? Should that ring a bell?

How much better would it have been to praise the bloggers who did manage to find the time, maybe adding "shame some others didn't but they obviously had too much RL stuff going on".

Yes, I expect it's possible that some bloggers signed up just to get free stuff. But others? Work issues, RL issues, family issues: they come FIRST, no?

Seriously, I'm disgusted.

If I was a fashion blogger, that is one event I wouldn't touch again with a bargepole. And the more people who realise what utter trash the organisers are capable of posting, the better.

Right. Glad I got that off my chest.

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