Monday, 12 March 2012

No I have not fallen off the planet

No, I really have NOT fallen off the planet.

Work, however, has taken on epic proportions (to the point Mr RL has had to - gasp - cook).

(Iron, no. He does not iron. I was pressing work my pants (clearly labelled 'non-iron' but it was a LIE) at 6 on Sunday morning. Go me). 

So apart from a whirlwind peek at blogs and a rapid dash into SL to resolve any client issues and say hi to a couple of people... I am chained to my desk. Or asleep. Or eating fish fingers and frozen pizza and what was apparently a pork chop.

I may emerge in ten days or so. I ****** well hope so.

Right now, I am about to pack and leave again until Saturday. I've had a few busy RL periods in 5 years of SL but this takes the biscuit.

Not a happy bunny but hey, it pays the bills.

The hard part, though - will be actually getting back into SL after PC problems and connection problems and work purgatory. Things change so damned fast.

But - fingers crossed - I will. I miss it.

There. Brief post. Miracle, no?

1 comment:

Plasma Engineer said...

Glad to see a short post from you, and now feeling less annoyed at myself for failing to log on to SL in time to catch you yesterday. Be kind to yourself. :) (Easier said than done!)

I'm sure that my blog is one that you manage to fit in t your busy schedule, at least sometimes. Thank you. xx