Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Grammar: the rogue apostrophe.

I can't help it - I'm an RL editor and among various peeves there is one I keep seeing on blogs that makes me want to scream. So not wanting to upset RL man and assorted cats by such undignified behaviour... I am screaming in writing here.

It's = short form of it is (like he's instead of he is). "It's mine; it's sunny; it's infuriating"
Its = possessive form of 'it' (like 'his' is to 'he'). "Its contents; its colour, its shape."

Similarly, 'hot bikini's' makes me think 'hot bikini's what?'
You don't need the apostrophe.Really. And yes I do know that English isn't every blogger's native language, and I cut them a whole lot of slack. However, if you're a journalist-type blogger and do it all the damned time, then editor-type bloggers will... scream.

Going now. Yes I am a boring grammar person ;)

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