Monday, 24 November 2008

Grumpy Monday wish list

If I had my way, there would be:

- NO price increase for premium members sneaked in on us on some sort of dodgy pretext such as 'you're not using it how we wanted', after being granted some sort of 'perks' (and heaven knows what those perks will be, if anything). Besides, it's all possibly an effort to cheer us poor Premium mortals up after being described as 'immaterial' by a certain M.
I can't help being suspicious of these little treats we're offered these days. Can't imagine why.

- NO Christmas decorations, red dresses with fur on, or twinkling reindeer allowed on SL before mid-December. Really. Or Easter bunnies in February or pumpkins in early September. 'Seasonal', fine. Skating is fun. Commercial overkill, nope.

- NO more freebie hunts offering crappy stuff (and for 'crappy', see earlier rant on 'quality') being advertised all over the grid. Oh, and no idiots advertising BiaB crap on any update groups they can get into. And yes I know all treature hunts aren't for crap. But some are, and it's hitting people who actually work on creating not-crap.

- NO doctored posters in dress stores or on SLexchange (or whatever it's called now, and why did they change the name?). Exquisite does NOT describe a flexi-skirt that moves like a truck with bits of balsa wood showing on the bottom hem, either. Guh.

- NO profiteers. I've finished my 'give what you can' experiment, mainly because of one lady who could feasibly furnish a sim full of rentals with all she took, over and over. And over. And over. Shame for people who did kindly drop a few Lindens into the jar, but - I'm grumpy. So there.

- NO more camping for money.Tried it, thought it was stupid. I don't have problems with camping for items, please note, but I don't see the point in sitting on a chair for hours and hours to earn a dollar. How much is a coffee at Starbucks these days?

- NO bots. I can see the point of smaller areas using them to try and keep up with the big guys and their bot farms, but I still hate them. Particularly when a region gets clogged because of them.

(gosh, I keep this up for ever... but better not)

It's a wish list, OK? Personal one. And it is Monday and I am grumpy.

May get back to attempts to promote my stuff later, while wishing I had a virtual Uzi to shoot a virtual, twinkly reindeer or two.


Ari Blackthorne™ said...


To everything except the "No bots".

Can we change that to "No camping bots!" or... "no more than ONE bot!" or... or... Hmmm.

I do have a single bot. Her sole purpose in life is as a group manager, whom without I would literally pull my hair out. And It's not secret that's what she is. Ho ahead and IM her in-world - see the autoreply you get:

Blackthorne Magic


But I get your drift and concure with all of it!

Just call me Ari said...

Ah but are we talking about bots or alts?

An alt... couldn't live without mine simply to get a bit of peace and quiet when SL suddenly seems too much like RL work. Mind, I'm now thinking one to say 'I will get to you, and my IMs are forwarded to e-mail if the sky is falling' - and parked on a bench at my place - could be handy too.

But bots as in camping bots are infuriating. Less so if they're at least out of sight and to give an impression that the sim isn't a wasteland, but camping for 1L every whatever, just don't get it. Never will.

Cheers. Glad I'm not the only Ari that tends to rant!