Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Dear Ari

Dear Ari, how do I split up in SL?
Desolate Heartbroken Avatar

Dear DHA,

There are various alternatives, but it boils down to just two:

a) Say goodbye. Close or slam virtual doors, whichever is best for you. Mute if it helps. Block msn if appropriate. Move sims if necessary (and if you get a new place, examine banning possibilities).
Demolish things if it makes you feel better (but take copies, OK?). Buy a new dress / gizmo. Dress up, go out. Meet people. Cry in private rather than tell entire friends list. (Note: Whingers get irritating after a while)

Advantages: Shorter. Initially painful but ultimately can be satisfying.
Disadvantages: Moving can mean you lose things / money, but your real friends will still be on your list and are just a TP away.

b) Say goodbye. Then exchange dozens of notecards, offline IMs.
Mute, unmute, remove from friends list and add again. Have endless tearful online discussions about 'why'. Rehash every discussion endlessly with friends list (including vague acquaintances). Demolish things, but then rebuild them (but you forgot to take copies as you were crying and discussing). Mope around in same clothes. Haunt certain places. Rinse and repeat the IMs, discussions until... whenever

Advantages: OK, maybe it leaves the door slightly ajar. But not many ex-lovers are easily turned into 'friends'.
Oh, and could save you money on new clothes / gizmos / land / rent at least for a while.
Disadvantages: Tiring (for you and friends list). Painful for longer. Much, much longer.

Best of luck, Desolate Hearbroken Avatar. And believe me, you are not the first (or the last).


(and why yes, I'm busily scouring OnRez for a nice new dress, why do you ask?)

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