Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I blog, you blog, they all blog

I've had private diaries with ancient instruments called 'pen and paper'. I've had a private blog and a 'friends only' blog. And now here I am waffling about SL because - in a nutshell, I like writing things down.

Lately, I've been doing a little othinking about 'types of bloggers', so here's a few thoughts.

Newbie (or just incompetent) blogger: full of enthusiasm and exclamation marks. Blurry pictures (often too big or too numerous). Links, what links? Possibly grammar- and spelling-challenged. Tends to come and go fairly quickly, although some get into their stride.

Competent blogger: great pictures, links in the right places. Interesting stuff to blog about. Doesn't lapse into hysteria. Is blogging for fun or to sell stuff.

Attention-getting blogger type A: controversial, often not too worried about facts. Attacks everything and everybody. Has a whole lot of time on his/her hands. Usually lacks humour. Sweeping, gratuitous hate that is so outrageous that it nevertheless sucks people in. Responds to comments by more vitriol.

Attention-getting blogger type B: can be controversial, but does his/her homework. Usually has a sense of humour. Innovative rather than dredging up the same old, same old. Takes time to actually respond to comments without resorting to vulgarity or counter-attacks.

Boring blogger: waffles about not much. Scroll-worthy. May have issues like incapacity to split a post into paragraphs, or to include useful things like verbs. May just be plain old boring despite being able to spell and punctuate, but if they're having fun, then so what. Let 'em blog.

And of course you get mixes: like the grammar- and photo-challenged yet far-from-boring newbie stuff, or beautifully written yet totally boring treatises on issues that have been done to death.

Me? Ermmm... probably boring.

OK, OK, definitely boring.

But of course I want to waffle and subject the world to my amazing insights or I wouldn't be blogging, right?

But I'm quite contented to make people exercise their scrolling fingers as long as I can kid myself that I might sell something one day thanks to using my blog as an amazing marketing tool (must take photos) or that I might make somebody (all one of you) laugh. Also, blogging delays that thing called making a living rather nicely at times. Like now.


AstroSphinx said...

I believe you must have missed something, because what you have to say is rather interesting, but I don't believe your blogg even falls into your own catigories- perhaps you need to put a different one up?

Interesting/random/unique voice.. it would be better fit for something of your style.

AlterEgoTrip (don't tell Prok I actually have a blogg I don't really use much!)

Ari Blackthorne™ said...

I claim (proclaim?) myself a mix.

Uh, let's see...

incompetent, controversial, boring, horrible grammar and often dyslexic spelling... uh...

OH! I know:

I fit into the new category you haven't mentioned: The whole rotten enchilada.

You know... all those negative things in those categories. Simply mash-up all the categories together, then pluck-out all the positive-sounding stuff and you have... ME!

Ari K said...

Heh. Well yep, there are plenty of mixes and other categories.

I am gettingn a little exasperated with a certain attention-getter type B but I should be old enough and wise enough not to feed (extremely wordy) trolls.