Thursday, 21 May 2009

Building, anyone?

OK, so I should be doing a million things, but I've been thinking (oh dear - that will probably get people's fingers on the scroll button, eh?
I love making stuff. I tend to give more away than I sell: I don't have the drive to make my SL 'business' work as such simply because my RL one keeps me pretty busy (and pays the mortgage). In that I'm lucky and I know it. I have huge respect for people who try to make SL bring in RL money, mind you.

(OK look at the pictures.... some stuff I've made).

Over the past few months I've been doing chunks of sims or making houses (or decorating them) for friends, for nothing if necessary. Give me an idea to go with and you get a happy Ari. I mean, I have the stuff, meaning prims, textures, lights, ideas, so I'm not going to charge silly prices. Or probably anything if I can advertise a bit.

So why this ramble?

Well, I want to do more chunks of sims or rooms or houses or clubs. I do know I need to take more photos of places I've done (including going back to the brothel where I did the Roman baths, for which I need to choose a moment when they're, um, not occupied).

But if anybody's brave enough, yell. I'm not a 'big name'. I'm not the best, but I love detail and I love creating an overall 'look'. I can send SLURLs to places (not the brothel, sorry), or take you there and point at the creative use of lighting, prims, textures.

Oh, and a last thing: join my subscribo this week and I'll offer you 50% off anything you buy for the next week (or so).
Just throw me a notecard with your name and what you've bought (the reward for reading this far). Or you can have a wall fountain for free. In fact as well. Heh.

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