Monday, 4 May 2009

Take a seat?

Long time no blog, I know.
Yep, been making stuff.
Yep, been forgetting to take photos or do that thing called 'marketing'. Nothing new there then. So help me, I'd rather mess around with prims than work on the self-promotion stuff. This does not help my Linden balance, however.

Worse, I forget to take photos. Including of bigger builds like Roman baths in a brothel, a couple of houses, an Arabian-themed mall, and lately a Mediterranean seaside plaza. So: good resolutions ahead. Even SLURLS when I get in world (is there no end to such positive thinking?)

On the 'stuff for the store' front, however, this is a seating corner to plonk on a deck or in your living room or at your club or wherever you would personally plonk it. All the various bits change colour as the two pictures show. Probably a gazillion combinations and really really nice textures if I say it myself. It seats up to five, with each cushion equipped with 3-4 poses (thus looking less silly than you and four friends playing 'Simon Says' - remember that? No? OK, let's move on then). And there's a nice couples pose too.

Perms: transfer (copiable on request for a few more Lindens)
Price: 199 (psychologically waaaay better than 200, right?)
Offer: quote my blog in a notecard and you can have it for 150 OR I will give you a matching leather ottoman. Or both, if I'm feeling chirpy.
Where? At my store (logically enough) here.

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