Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ari's ideal day

OK, blame she of the fish tank for this (and if you haven't read the woman's blog, go now, immediately, without stopping to peruse feeds, XStreet or other such SL-related things:

And yes, I know I intended this blog to be about my stuff (as in an AMAZING MARKETING TOOL) but I appear to be crap about keeping up with that. And no, I don't know how to make cuts. So feel free to scroll. I just felt this need to do one of the blogging challenges.

It's called work avoidance.

Ari's ideal SL day
(why can't you do underline in Blogger? Underlining is a Good Thing)

It starts with the fashion feed over coffee. Since the fashion feed is getting longer, a girl has to check regularly. Or drink a lot of coffee. And as it's an ideal day (italics are handy too), actually LOG IN (so are capitals) while browsing rather than jotting down addresses on a bit of paper or more recently on a Special File that I keep losing in the jungle that is my PC.

Then, I shall buy clothes and shoes and hair, with the zillions of Lindens that have flowed in from my massive customer base all desperate to buy my amazing products. The colours will be those I want, and things will be modifiable. No frustrations like finding the perfect hairstyle but realising it's no-modify and no dark red in sight (and my current favourite is called... Stan. What sort of a name is that? But at least I remember it - Tekuteku and cute but... brown).

Don't ask for SLURLS, I'm not logged in. Use Search. I'm not a fashion blogger (yes, you may add 'thank God') at this point.

Next: I would suddenly learn to be a respectable SL photographer. Meet me, and Stan. And yes I know everything is wrong... with this photograph. However, it is the only one I have of my New Land before I started strewing stuff all over it. More on that, no doubt, in future.

(and why does Blogger shove the photos at the beginning of a post and you have to drag them down and then they get stuck in the middle of a paragraph? I am clearly blogger-challenged, so in an ideal world that would improve too).

So, with my amazing new photography skillz I would then be able to promote my utterly amazing stuff and gain even more zillions of Lindens to spend on clothes, shoes, textures and gizmos.

No, mustn't talk about textures. It makes me drool.

Back to photography.

Sadly, most of my efforts look like this. Nice fountain, shame about the picture.

Anyway, on to the best bit of SL for me. Well, one of them. Building.

My alignments would be perfect, I wouldn't lose prims (I don't DO figures, so typing coordinates into boxes occasionally leads to shooting megaprims into the ionosphere), and I would remember which version of which texture organiser I had put that wood texture with shaded bits in. But hey, at least I have texture organisers. Wonderful things. Can't remember the name but it's something like Contrex, which is a French mineral water.

Oh, and RL man wouldn't sudenly remember he needed feeding when I was just in the middle of trying to calculate texture repeats on my fingers.

So, building completed and item immediately greeted by breathless admiration from my well-loved subscribo group (waves to all 29 of them in the remote chance one of them finds this blog), I would move on to EXPLORING.

And not get lost, if accompanied. My flying skills suck. My sense of direction sucks more. Many a would-be companion has got totally irritated with my IMs saying 'where are you' and having to tp me over and over, so I tend to explore alone.

I don't explore enough, but in an ideal day I would fine explore-worthy places and remember to take landmarks, in a file of landmarks that is currently worse than the chaos in RL offspring's apartment. Which means... well, you get the point.

To round off this perfect day? Well, a romantic evening, of course. Wearing the perfect clothes, and being able to actually use my speakers (I have an SL-hostile RL man who requires my physical presence while he watches television - but it's the price I pay to avoid Marital Strife with big fat capital letters).

Pretty setting where at least half of the people and sculpties are not grey / clouds or big blobs (respectively, although I am tolerant of big-blob avatars, honestly). Dances that synchronise without bouncing me onto beloved partner's head (SL man is extraordinarily patient, but he does find this disconcerting).

All finished off with... well... better not go into that. But, as his cat and other odds and ends are seriously threatening my miserably low prim allowance, my little mainland plot would have magically turned into a rambling rustic-type sim full of flowers and birdsong and massive trees with shade. You know, the ones with about 60 prims a throw.

And I would not detach my hair by mistake when aiming to detach... other things. Nor forget I made a wall phantom when building and falling out of my place, down a cliff, at a most inopportune moment.

Having said all this, though, my SL is fun anyway. Mostly. Maybe not the phantom walls but the PEOPLE. I have met some amazing ones.

In fact, I have just had an idea. As in writing about... people I know and love on SL. I may even try to photograph them. After warning them how this could turn out.

Oh dear. Blame Emerald for everything, OK? But read the blog. Really.

(And yes, no doubt I shall attempt to promote my little-known but amazingly classy stuff and amazing new land too. So I can go buy more clothes and hair and bribe the maker of Stan to make it in dark red).

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