Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The new Vent du Sud! Never ever have I had this much fun. So, photos before we get all the stuff in. It should be completely ready by this coming weekend but a few things are there aleady (slurl below).

The challenge: never enough prims. Getting a mix between 'pretty' and 'prims that will bring in income'. Have to say that the pretty is winning (look, I needed the rocks, the spray and the primmy trees just like I needed little corners for me - and others - to sit and relax). Oh, and to dance on the square in sunny, peaceful Provence.

The idea: if I make ends meet, great. If I don't, then fine. I did my sums (I didn't marry a finance guy in RL for nothing. Think 'budget'). I never want to get 'bigger' than this, spacewise (although another few thousand prims wouldn't go amiss).

The purpose: As I said before - somewhere to have fun and buy amazing decor or classy clothes if you feel like it. And apart from the rocks and spray and stuff, it'll be a case of 'if it's there, you can buy it' - with a quite a bit there for free or almost. More on that later but there's already a great 1L (3-prim) cuddle rug under the tree... go pick it up (slurl below).

Two insanely talented builder friends are around too, and there for your building and scripting projects. Seriously - two guys who take the same approach as me, as in 'we want to have fun' as opposed to making money.

And a great friend who makes classy clothes is moving in too. Again, a few things to check out already!

Also: the lighthouse (which you can buy, of course) will be available for romantic moments à deux (wink wink - need to put the tp in to the first floor still). There will be a dance system. And more places to chill and watch the sunset or the sea.

My old store, btw, will be open for another 4 weeks and has LOTS of items marked down to way below half price: see the sidebar.

And for a sneak peak of my bit of Provence (where I live in RL), bearing in mind we're just starting to put the merchandise in...

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