Sunday, 6 September 2009


Something very special this month at Vent du Sud: an underwater (yes - underwater) photo exhibition by R0bin Helsinki, one of SL's fun, dynamic photographers with an eye for the 'different'. It's opening today, but will run for the whole month of September

How to visit? Well, wearing scuba gear specially made by Geek Back for the occasion - pick it up here for free, and glide through the stunning photos, lit up by your divers' mask and with the smooth, perfect animation making it all a great experience. In a hurry? You can visit on foot and admire the great photos (mind the stingray, OK?).

So please drop in, enjoy a swim, a game of pétanque or, enjoy a whiff of the Mediterranean.

Other great surprises are in store too... always something new to see and do at Vent du Sud, not forgetting the great shopping for unique décor and classy clothes.

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