Friday, 11 September 2009

Class (and Rett puts something on SALE)!

Now, girls and boys. Time for a math lesson - absolutely essential for working out how to handle those Linden dollars, no?

At Vent du Sud, our guys are always helpful, see. And Geek Back's latest scripting masterpiece is just that. Touch the blackboard, and you're all set for an interactive lesson (in English...). Slouch on one of the benches, and feel sorry for the little guy in the corner wearing the Dunce's cap, or admire the amazing detail in the classroom, expertly created by Geek and Menthal Oh. And, no - it's not for sale, just for fun, although the blackboard (seriously, it's soooooo clever) can be yours, tailored to your own needs, by contacting Geek.

If you're interested in a schoolroom setting for role play, then let Geek or Menthal know, and they'd be happy to provide desks (they have great animations) and the other accessories too.

And naturally, our very own Rett Gentil joined in the 'back to school' fun too. And (wait for it...) her schoolgirl outfit is available ON SALE. Yes, I really said sale. For 250 instead of 350, and ONLY in the classroom. Lots of options with this outfit, and definitely a very sexy schoolgirl indeed. Thanks, Rett - I'm so glad she has a roomy store with us with all her unique styles, so don't forget to check them out (plus her subscribo and cute free outfit).

So, drop in and test your brain power, pick up our other superb Vent du sud freebies (new ones coming soon, yet again), and relax by the sea in the warm, gentle end-of-summer days in a superb Mediterranean setting.

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