Sunday, 6 December 2009

St Nicolas!

HAPPY ST NICOLAS everyone: lots of gifts and dollarbies - read on!

Long time no blog but take a short vacation, then the flu, then the catching-up...

... and you get Vent du Sud being a little behind on Christmas despite lots of good intentions.

BUT... there's a pretty, unique free tree in my subscribo today (transferable and mini) or this version on the square (copy/mod) for just 50L (you have to see the bolts of lightning in action, believe me) - so go click on it, right by the TP, and pick it up!
Also, the pool has turned into a skating rink with FREE skates... and beside it, is a bowl that gives out silver glasses of hot wine to sip for just 10L (with a freebie next to it - the white poinsettia below, with a candle you can blow out)!
Find it near to the pool and the skates, and there are a couple of other goodies there to... up to you to find them!

Check out the market stand too - a great gift from Alain of AC Creations, and a dollarbie Christmas tree with twinkling lights plus a classy red-and green copiable topiary for just 5L.
Come regularly - and click on anything Christmassy. The idea is to offer you free or almost-free, classy decor as and when we put it out.
But careful - things will be rotated: grab them now before it's too late!
There will be lots more gifts and surprises to come from myself, Rett Gentil, Menthal Oh and Geek Back too - all on and around the main square at Vent du Sud.

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