Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Your own, personalised plane or kart

Wondering what to buy your favourite guy, girl, or a friend, this year? Something unique?

Well, how about a personalised version of this great little two-seater plane? In their own colours (or yours...), including a logo and the matching smoke effects. And a superbly-built masterpiece into the bargain.

And better, you have the option of an interactive distributor as well that gives any visitor a demo version to fly (meaning none of those 'you aren't the pilot, go away' messages). It then disappears on landing, so no prim-cluttering.

So, to the details: it's 30 prims (plus 1 for the plane-giver). The detailing is stunning, as are the effects (noises, propellers ... plane sort of things, y'know?)

It also comes with flying glasses, headset and microphone. Plus detailed instructions in English and French. Equally carefully crafted.

So how do you get one?

First, try one out at Vent du Sud: rezz a plane from the distributor, fly around, and it will (sadly) disappear once you land and stand up. Instructions come with it, don't worry. If you like it grab a friend and take another trip (twin-seater, remember)!

Then, contact MENTHAL OH, the creator, who will deliver your very own plane to you, in your favourite colours or with your own name or logo, within two days. He has a couple of versions to show you already. Your own plane won't disappear, though: it's yours, you are the pilot, and you can go exploring SL to your heart's content.

Price (here's the amazing part): for the plane plus accessories, and personalised - ONLY 300L

Yes, that low for something crafted with such care. And if you want a plane-giver for your friends, just an extra 100, meaning 400L (meaning unlimited planes can be rezzed)

Great deal, huh?

And if you don't like heights, try out the KART: same deal, same amazing accessories (this time with a full helmet plus opening vizor), also for an amazingly low 300 or 400L depending on whether you want your friends to come karting with you.

Same TP. And believe me, the Kart is... just wow. Imagine your own karting party in YOUR store's colours, for instance.

Only at Vent du Sud... and Menthal is often there but otherwise send him a quick notecard and he'll be delighted to tell you more.

And don't forget to check out our Christmas freebies, almost-freebies and of course our unique, friendly, little corner of SL.

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