Friday, 11 December 2009

Another day, another dollarbie from VENT DU SUD

Today's dollarbie at Vent du Sud: a CLASSY wreath: 4 prims, all sculpted (no alpha issues). You'll have to find it (hint - attached to a post not far from the ice rink). But that gives you time to pick up lots of other unique, elegant Christmas decor either free or at giveaway prices (another hint: some on the market stand, right beside the ice rink, at Rett's store).

Christmassy colours for the furnishings too - for instance this classy lantern (8 prims, automatic (SOFT) glow at night, mod/copy) is reduced from 79L to just 40L for a couple of days (again, near the ice rink).

And below, something fantastic from Geek Back: can you believe these shutters are just 3 prims? And the lamp is just ONE? Really, you have to see them to believe them. These lamps are copy / mod - just imagine the saving in prims!

Find them near to his curtains at Vent du Sud (some new models coming soon). He has other amazing sculpts (including roofs that have to be seen to be believed) at his new store, E & E - more than worth checking out.

More specials on the way but don't wait too long: some will disappear to make room for them!
Drop in at Vent du Sud: we're always pleased to see you (and if we do, we tend to hand out gifts).
Or just enjoy a skate, a dance, and watch the waves.

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