Friday, 11 December 2009

Another day, another dollarbie from VENT DU SUD

Today's dollarbie at Vent du Sud: a CLASSY wreath: 4 prims, all sculpted (no alpha issues). You'll have to find it (hint - attached to a post not far from the ice rink). But that gives you time to pick up lots of other unique, elegant Christmas decor either free or at giveaway prices (another hint: some on the market stand, right beside the ice rink, at Rett's store).

Christmassy colours for the furnishings too - for instance this classy lantern (8 prims, automatic (SOFT) glow at night, mod/copy) is reduced from 79L to just 40L for a couple of days (again, near the ice rink).

And below, something fantastic from Geek Back: can you believe these shutters are just 3 prims? And the lamp is just ONE? Really, you have to see them to believe them. These lamps are copy / mod - just imagine the saving in prims!

Find them near to his curtains at Vent du Sud (some new models coming soon). He has other amazing sculpts (including roofs that have to be seen to be believed) at his new store, E & E - more than worth checking out.

More specials on the way but don't wait too long: some will disappear to make room for them!
Drop in at Vent du Sud: we're always pleased to see you (and if we do, we tend to hand out gifts).
Or just enjoy a skate, a dance, and watch the waves.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Rett, respect, and really special

I finally wrestled this pic of Rett's Christmas dress out of her, because she's busy making custom-made, fur-trimmed undies for a client (that no, she won't sell in the store in that version because according to Rett, custom is custom, and exclusive is exclusive).

Must say it looks chilly, though, when she lands on the square in a few skimpy bits of organza and fur (which is not snow-covered and won't be: I moved to the South of France to get away from shovelling the stuff where I used to live, which is quite irrelevant but this is my blog...


Details: fluffy red organza that moves beautifully. Two different tops. Different, and pretty.

Oh the price? Well, normally 400L but I wrestled a 25% discount on it, valid only at Rett's store here at Vent du Sud. So just 300L ("for the next few days only, Ari"). It's out front and impossible to miss, right near the tp point.

Oh, and it's also transferable so it makes a great, great gift (guys, note this...).

While I'm rambling about Rett and respect, I really do respect her. She cheerfully ignores my prodding to make more signs, more close-up photos, do more special offers or sales, offer lots of different colours, and tells me that she want to make her clients happy, whether that means fitting something, changing a detail or a colour, or coming up with a special gift for someone -

- which means a lot of her SL time is spent on making unique, custom items for her (extremely loyal) client base, whatever their shape, size or style. It also means that her dresses are not available in lots of colours ("because this is the colour I wanted for that dress, Ari but I can make you one in blue with a different neckline..."). Unique... is nice.

It works for her. And more power to her. She's happy with her business, and with her SL. Her prices for custom creations, considering the work and care that go into the service she gives, are more than competitive too.

And isn't that what it's all about?

Catch her by sending a notecard (Rett Gentil) if you'd like something completely personal. She'll take the time you need, and make something that will be truly yours.

(And quick plug: don't forget your Vent du sud original Christmas decor, including some really pretty stuff scattered around the square, for free or nearly). How about just 10L and 3 prims for this poinsettia pillar marking the entrance to the skating rink?)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Your own, personalised plane or kart

Wondering what to buy your favourite guy, girl, or a friend, this year? Something unique?

Well, how about a personalised version of this great little two-seater plane? In their own colours (or yours...), including a logo and the matching smoke effects. And a superbly-built masterpiece into the bargain.

And better, you have the option of an interactive distributor as well that gives any visitor a demo version to fly (meaning none of those 'you aren't the pilot, go away' messages). It then disappears on landing, so no prim-cluttering.

So, to the details: it's 30 prims (plus 1 for the plane-giver). The detailing is stunning, as are the effects (noises, propellers ... plane sort of things, y'know?)

It also comes with flying glasses, headset and microphone. Plus detailed instructions in English and French. Equally carefully crafted.

So how do you get one?

First, try one out at Vent du Sud: rezz a plane from the distributor, fly around, and it will (sadly) disappear once you land and stand up. Instructions come with it, don't worry. If you like it grab a friend and take another trip (twin-seater, remember)!

Then, contact MENTHAL OH, the creator, who will deliver your very own plane to you, in your favourite colours or with your own name or logo, within two days. He has a couple of versions to show you already. Your own plane won't disappear, though: it's yours, you are the pilot, and you can go exploring SL to your heart's content.

Price (here's the amazing part): for the plane plus accessories, and personalised - ONLY 300L

Yes, that low for something crafted with such care. And if you want a plane-giver for your friends, just an extra 100, meaning 400L (meaning unlimited planes can be rezzed)

Great deal, huh?

And if you don't like heights, try out the KART: same deal, same amazing accessories (this time with a full helmet plus opening vizor), also for an amazingly low 300 or 400L depending on whether you want your friends to come karting with you.

Same TP. And believe me, the Kart is... just wow. Imagine your own karting party in YOUR store's colours, for instance.

Only at Vent du Sud... and Menthal is often there but otherwise send him a quick notecard and he'll be delighted to tell you more.

And don't forget to check out our Christmas freebies, almost-freebies and of course our unique, friendly, little corner of SL.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

St Nicolas!

HAPPY ST NICOLAS everyone: lots of gifts and dollarbies - read on!

Long time no blog but take a short vacation, then the flu, then the catching-up...

... and you get Vent du Sud being a little behind on Christmas despite lots of good intentions.

BUT... there's a pretty, unique free tree in my subscribo today (transferable and mini) or this version on the square (copy/mod) for just 50L (you have to see the bolts of lightning in action, believe me) - so go click on it, right by the TP, and pick it up!
Also, the pool has turned into a skating rink with FREE skates... and beside it, is a bowl that gives out silver glasses of hot wine to sip for just 10L (with a freebie next to it - the white poinsettia below, with a candle you can blow out)!
Find it near to the pool and the skates, and there are a couple of other goodies there to... up to you to find them!

Check out the market stand too - a great gift from Alain of AC Creations, and a dollarbie Christmas tree with twinkling lights plus a classy red-and green copiable topiary for just 5L.
Come regularly - and click on anything Christmassy. The idea is to offer you free or almost-free, classy decor as and when we put it out.
But careful - things will be rotated: grab them now before it's too late!
There will be lots more gifts and surprises to come from myself, Rett Gentil, Menthal Oh and Geek Back too - all on and around the main square at Vent du Sud.