Monday, 17 May 2010


The first set in the all new Vent du Sud Smoothie line is out!

Yes, this is me feeling like I've been through the wringer, having just ironed out a script glitch in one of the pose sets on the couch (this - THIS is why it's worth giving stuff to friends to beta before you let them loose). Phew.

And iron out I did. And beta they did.

The best bit is hitting 'swap' and seeing everybody change position. Little things please little minds, y'know.

Soooo, things are starting to emerge again at Vent du Sud. RL has been busy. Still is, but I'm having a blast with the new stuff.

(Rett, btw, has been sick but she's back and raring to go so watch out for more fashion newness too - give her a hug if you see her!)

More things (LOTS more things) to come later, but basically, the new patio set is out, with great (mostly animated) poses for singles, friends, couples (including one for people who like to lie on the floor, like me).

Find it by the pool beside the Vent du Sud store. NPose system. No poseballs. No giving permission to sit on it. Just click, swap, and enjoy.

Full instructions too although it boils down to this: click the cushions - the seat and the scatter cushions - and they change (4 pretty pastel colours and d'oh forgot a photo showing blue. There's blue in there too). Click the rest and you get to the poses.

Yes, there are two really cute couples poses too. No, I didn't take photos of them as yesterday was Sunday and SL felt like making photo-taking into a rather rough ride. Grab a friend and try them.

Colours: pretty. Soft, dusty pastels (like smoothies, y'know). Four of them plus three soft patterns for the scatter cushions. Shadows.

Can you tell I'm pleased with this?

Tip: lots more summer Smoothie goodies are nearly ready, and there will be surprises in the subscribo when I get where I'm going (or possibly when I get back). So go make with the clicking on it, in front of the store.

Off to pack.

Oh and PS: the older patio set is still out and the whole set is reduced considerably. Go look.


Casandra Shilova said...


I love the way you write what you are up to.

Have fun on your trip!


Thank you!