Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Off to the sun!

Before I head off for a few days, some great fashion and other new things from Vent du Sud!

First up, a taste of my new line using the nPose system (easy to use and adjust, no more poseballs). Here's a great pile of cushions in pretty pastels (more colours to come) with whole bunch of solo, friends' and couples' poses. 6 prims in all.
Chill, cuddle, meditate or curl up and dream.
Copy, so you can place lots, or wait for the new colours (or ask for custom ones when I'm back!)

Find it by the daffodils, near the Vent du Sud square at a very special intro price while I'm away. Or feel free to test all the poses in peace.

While we're on offers, how about a pretty sundial that works. Made by Geek Back, and generously offered right by the Subscribo on the square for just ONE LINDEN. Set your own time zone, and watch it change (mine's on European time but to set it to yours is really easy).

And what are the bubbles? Menthal was working on this yesterday while I went for a coffee, and I came back to find my avatar as the target of his new gadget. Find it any time soon next to his hugely popular smoke and bubble machines on the square.

And last but not least, a pretty summer dress by the one and only Rett. "Deep Purple" is a frothy, fun, summery dress.  Find it on the easel at her store on the square.

I'm off to pack and head for the sun for a few days, but see you soon at Vent du Sud.

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