Sunday, 6 June 2010

Loose ends and it has to go (cryptic title much)

Vacation, two work trips away from home... means a rather frayed me. However, I've got my builder's hat on and slowly getting all the new stuff out at Vent du Sud. Rett, Menthal and Alain have some new stuff including great fashion in the pipeline too.

I digress. Loose ends, I said. And here's one. A big one.

2055 m2, Linden waterfront. And with a few regrets, it has to go. I'm never there, and I need focus.

OK, and I also need the money. Let's be honest.

Speaking of which, it's going for way less than I paid for it (but then mainland is worth less than it used to, I know I know. Ahem.). But that's OK as I had fun fiddling with it.

Look moar. And if you don't like teal and stone, it's easily changed... read on.

Apart from the yacht and the bed and the Intan which aren't mine, I'm selling it with all the stuff on it (set to transfer so once it's yours, you can then modify, etc.). Yep, all. House and contents.
Quiet sim, too and great views. And sailing.

Lots of furniture and decor-type stuff I've made in the past is included (keep it or throw it / give it away....). Plus harbour cabin, waterfall, big sekrit room downstairs, retractable curtains, waterfall, huge terrace over the ocean with patio furniture, etc. etc. TPs built in for the lazy, like me.

And there are over 300 prims left. Lots to play with. Over 500 in total. Enough for a skybox, for example.

Price, you say? Well... it's on sale for 22,000L which is low for Linden ocean plots (a slightly bigger one on the next sim went for a whopping sixty K. But it took a while).

I might negotiate a little for a quick sale. But I am so not setting it on sale for any more 12-day old avs with no payment info on file ("I'll get a premium for this within 24 hours... I love it") who keep me hanging for 3 days.

Want to visit? Here you go.  Questions? Offers? IM me and I'll get back to you.

Last carrot? Buyer gets one of my lighthouses (their choice, but the offsim one would be good) to go on it. And my new, really rather amazing patio set (see previous post).

*wanders off crossing fingers and toes*

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