Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Old enough to know better (oh, and herbs)

Want one? Read on.

Well, I thought I was, y'know, relatively old and relatively wise. But SL tends to bring out the teenager in me, or maybe just the frivolous, stubborn, totally selfish part of me that RL requires me to tuck out of sight and get on with the work.

Meaning I've been doing too much mooning around looking at virtual waves and getting philosophical in a way I haven't done since I was a sweet young thing staying up too late and drifting around wanting to save the world and become rich and famous (with minimum effort, obviously).


Time to get on with things.

So the beach cabin is FINALLY for sale, and I am actually building more stuff and terraforming a bit and generally shaking off the end of summer blues.

Get it here: 19 prims, click the windows to open and close shutters, COPY
Right now at half price, i.e. 160L
Oh - and the extra 2-prim deck yours for1L.

On the deck, a set of pillows with a whole lot of poses (couples, friends, solo) to match the cabin, also half price at 50L. Also copy.

Both around at offer price for, oh, a day or two. Or three. 

And here's me mooning around in my trusty Coco loose flare jeans and Swypes shoes from HOC. Perfect for staring at waves or rather staring at Albert the seagull who has territory issues every time LL does maintenance.

(Pause to put him back in the water. There is something rather disconcerting about a seagull swimming through a deck).

And by the door, three glass jars with herbs.

What do they have to do with a beach house?

Not a lot but if you'd like them, please hop over and pick 'em up for a dollar, or sign up to the subscribo outside the Vent du Sud mainstore and have them for free (later today).

Now, off to work with you woman.

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