Thursday, 2 September 2010

Vent du Sud - new era, great friends and still dodgy photos

One day I will find an offer that works. Total notecards asking for a free build = 0. Ah well.

Read on for a special offer on this one however; by the way:

Am I discouraged? Nope.


So, in the middle of a couple of weeks that saw things like major viewer meltdowns, new keyboard and RL work being chaotic, the owner of the other half of the homestead where Vent du Sud started said 'I'm leaving - you interested?'

I was. And with the help of some fantastic friends who moved in, built, propped me up and calmed me down (Ari, changing a terrain texture is not rocket science), Vent du Sud is now just.... wow and changing daily.

LOTS to do yet but the main square and stores are still there so we're very much open - so please come on over. Lots of delightful bits of the Mediterranean to discover already but so much more to come. And yes, including offers, events and more. 

And just in case, y'know, anyone is interested and because I have a zillion things to do and haven't even changed clothes for days, the tree house is for sale at just 200L right now instead of 899L. 

Need to put the poster for it up but click on the ladders and doors and windows of the two cabins because - um - that is not rocket science either. Three levels yadda yadda. I am rather proud of it. Click the link, admire the view and tell yourself that you need a tree house at this price.

And that is an AWFUL photo I know but favourites pulled on in a hurry: amazing slimfit pants from Coco, sweater FREE from Fishy Strawberry and fabulous Plainers shoes from Shiny Things.

One day I will take better photos. Maybe? First I have to plant some more trees and panic and do some amazing builder-y stuff.

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