Friday, 20 April 2012

Battered and flattered


No, not so much me in RL any more - I'm feeling less battered by the day. So much so I found myself taking vain, vain photos of myself in SL last night (see at the end) rather than getting on with some building. Bad me.

THIS battered.

It's one of the things I made on a whim, and liked (despite endless fiddling with offsets). 

Whims are good.

Prims? 4. Price? 1L.  To be found, of course, at Vent du Sud at the front of the mainstore.


Oh yeah. 

See, Terry (Wumpole) and Mike (Stonesoul) offered me a booth at their home accessories exhibition, which was, I think, the decisive kick in the thing I can't say on a family-safe blog that I needed to get me moving again.

(Terry and Mike are lovely and I'm delighted to know them. And not just because they seem to have acquired a taste for provencal builds and decor). 

So I put the table there, along with a few other things, all at 1L.

Like the 1 prim bench (which is normally part of the greenhouse set but I should sell it separately, maybe, and in other colours?).

Yes. (Adds to to-do list).

More on the greenhouse set on the Marketplace.

It has anims. Couples and singles.  Look.

Please do go and have a look around at the expo - it's something they're doing for the sheer love of decorating. It's fun, it's not huge, but there are some great things to be found.

The vain bit? Here you go.

Tuli Audrey skin, with a lipstain from MOCK that I adore. And a lovely messy hairdo from Damselfly.
So vain. But probably better than a shopping spree which I would love but then I'll never get any building done.

Off to work and to cross fingers and toes I get some building time in later.

The ideas, they are a-coming.

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