Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pettiness and cowardice

Let me tell you a story.

A couple of months back I got a crappy review on the Marketplace for my Best Selling Item (yes, and ranted about it) because... it wasn't delivered. A one-star report because of that (did she contact me? No).

I flagged it, and it disappeared - either LL or the reviewer did it, no idea.

So far, so good.

Lots of nice people said nice things about the rant, too, which gave me the warm and fuzzies. And the Best Selling Item started selling again. For 6L, I might add.

Today, I tried the direct delivery migration thing which failed miserably (these two things are linked, bear with me).

Now, I did find on Google that it didn't work if your interface wasn't in English, and the viewer I had loaded for the purpose picked up that I was in France so OK. I changed the language to English, and it said it worked.

It didn't.

So the Magic Box is back.

(I am digressing more than usual, but I have an utterly crappy ear infection, am swamped with work, but I did want to see if I could get that done so I actually took an hour off to try it).

(No, not expecting sympathy).

But back to the Marketplace and - wait for it - while checking to see that the Magic Box was working, what do I find? Two more crappy reviews for that same, 6L best-seller, two days apart soon after that review that disappeared.

Funny, that.

(OK, I say best-seller but I maybe sold a couple of hundred over a year or so, but even. I was proud of it).

(Yes I know this is full of stuff in brackets. Earache is a bitch).

So I took it down. As the best-seller, it was the first thing that comes up on my store.

(Pride, I know).

The complaints this time? This sort of thing:
-  "Crappy scripting and doesn't work, nor do the anims" (it does, I just tested it with a friend, in two locations. It is a standard nPose script).
- "Horrible notecard giver, won't use it" (the box it is packed in gives the instruction notecard for nPose plus the colour changes, plus - I admit it - an LM. Dammit, how often do you need to place the box to open it, anyway...?)
- "You get what you pay for... it may be cheap but it's crap" (ouch ouch ouch and ... just ouch)
- "Not mod/copy" (yes it WAS, checked that too)

Did these "people" contact me? No.

I just don't need the hassle. Hence it is gone. Too miserable to go inworld to delete the inworld version but I should.

I may do another version of it in another colour range, double check it again, and expect people do be intelligent enough to find the instruction notecard in the contents... or just write it off.

COWARD, I know.

I am half expecting  the phantom reviewer to start on something else next.

How petty. 

Can you tell I'm not super happy with SL right now? 

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