Wednesday, 18 April 2012

One step at a time

Don't faint, or say "about time" or "oh, her again", but... thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, slightly less horrendous RL deadlines, and a PC and a connection that work... and the Marketplace back in action (although not without blood, sweat and tears)...

...I have stuck my toes back into the murky sparkling waters of SL. A little tentatively, but definitely a start.

And for once am not ranting but talking about that thing I used to do. Whatcha call it?


Spring flower bench, click to change plants, 1L

I EVEN put out a couple of spring-ish things like the one above. Find them here, ALL FOR 1L or *gasp* free at Vent du Sud.

OK, not new. But new since last spring.

I EVEN took some photos of other 1L / free stuff. Colour change fabrics on the baskets.

Here's another photo, this time  the summer cabins (19 prims, 50L, go look pls thanks).

And I EVEN hopped up to my work platform to attempt a little progress on "things abandoned". You do not need to see photos of this because it is a mess.

I EVEN changed clothes (and came up with the worst possible lighting for what is in fact a stunning skirt and jacket). My apologies to Zaara (Larin skirt, moves beautifully) and Mon Tissu jacket.

(Also, spot the bunch of tulips in the bucket, plus the wishing well, also a spring whim... 1L each)

Looks like I have a way to go before attempting a proper fashion post again, although I do vaguely recollect I did those too. Sorry about this rather weak effort.


One step at a time. 

PS: Also, I shall be posting again very soon on a cute, delightful home accessories expo run by two extraordinarily nice guys- some really nice, well-made things to be found there.

Including *cough* mine.


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