Monday, 10 March 2008


Marketing, says daughter doing MBA. Marketing is important. Even if you are not a geek and much prefer fiddling around with pretty textures and engaging in Deep Philosophical Conversation (or, let's be honest, exchanging landmarks for shoes or hair).

So. The OnRez drop box. The battle over all the things you have to click on. We won't even go into the fact that SL photos are .bmp and OnRez wants .jpeg (see how these terms drip off my tongue?). And the photos: the decapitated ones, the 'oops forgot to rename' ones... But finally, that li'l lamp and that fountain up there materialised as 'for sale' along with a few other things.

Now of course wondering why the whole of SL hasn't stampeded to buy them. Right.

Next challenge is to find out how to insert links to a) the most amazing interior decoration place on SL (mine, of course) and b) the OnRez entry. All, of course, for my blog readership of one, because it would also be kinda useful to point to its existence. Mmhm.

Then of course there are the zillion other things to take photos of and get onto OnRez. Just that those textures in my inventory beckoning me back to my platform to go play. And the new chair concept, and the sounds I want to add to my fireplaces. And the apartments I still have to decorate (note to self: take photos of the 30 or so places I've done, and take photos, and make a press book and... yeah.

Marketing. Going to give it a whirl. Yep.


Tiza said...

Lessons only cost 20€ an hour :)
P.S: I can't get over the fact my mother has a blog. I am deeply traumatised. Honnest.

Just call me Ari said...

Would you take Lindens?
No. OK.
Kids, eh?