Friday, 7 March 2008

Um... a blog!

So what'll it be?
Terse, factual... nope
Whimsical... probably
Fun... I hope so
A totally amazing marketing tool that will instantly make me rich and famous (in virtual terms)... You never know. OK, probably not

Let's see.

*Wanders off to take a photo of something I made (see 'rich and famous') above*


Gradite Questi said...

Well, It seems to me that your first "comment" should be from a supportive friend. So here it is. Thanks for starting the Venice Passion blog. (and btw - I loved the new shoes! Perhaps we should open a shoe store and just call it "STIPEND".


Alan Radius said...

hi all my friends
i m going to go in the Real Venice
soon (Monday ;-))
i will thinking about you and i will drink a spritz in the real Red Caffe