Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Idleness is nothing unless well carried out

Non-productive day.

  • Didn't figure out links to send people to my store or to OnRez (for the day that my readership soars from zero to millions. Hah).

Edited to add: http://shop.onrez.com/Ariadne_Korda

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Resurgence/153/137 /21/

Didn't take photos apart from this one

  • Didn't send group announcements about Venice (can't link to the place either but it will happen).
  • Didn't add lighting to new marketplace in Venice.
  • Didn't go SL shopping (this is, however, a good thing if I am to embark on a massively effective but no doubt expensive publicity campaign) (edited to add... it was stipend day this morning and there were these shoes....)
  • And finally... didn't make stuff. Or sell anything. (Edited to add: this has not changed).
But hey, it was Monday. And I had a pleasant evening gossiping on the square in Venice.

These pretty urn-vase-pot things are part of my pottery / ceramics collection, which are of course totally amazing and all about the texture. And of course I can't link to them (yet). And come to think of it I need some sort of 'line' name that is just a little more slick than urn-vase-pot things.

Today is another day, right? Just need to earn an RL living then must pick self up by scruff of neck and get on with this SL marketing thing.

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