Saturday, 11 July 2009

Home from home

I'm just back from Africa (for work). This could have very little to do with the post... but rather it does. It was not a fun trip.

For a week I could log in rarely, and for about 5 minutes at a time - on a system that was far from reliable - but could see this:

I think it kept me from climbing the walls of the filthy, windowless office I was in for a week. I was homesick for my RL home and family, but SL has always been a point of reference when I'm away, which is (too) often. It was also the only 'constant' when I moved countries two years ago.

So, Vent du Sud is up and running (still tweaking, mind) and as I don't have to get on another plane for a blissful two months, I can't wait to work on it and share it (got the hint?).
So be warned. I intend to share weird thoughts about SL, liberally interspersed with photos (note: PHOTOS!) of our little patch of Provence and the great things some of my friends there have made.
Today, mind, and being totally selfish, here's a couple of my things.
The subscribo now has the blue lamp in it, so pop over and pick it up. I'll be putting stuff in monthly-ish, and requests are welcome. Oh - it glows (softly) at night. Transfer. If you want a copiable version, just ask!
The big brother hanging version is at the entrance to the store... and is mod / copy.
There are a few other freebies or almost-freebies in the store and on the market stand on the square, and Rett has a great outfit for free too.
So drop in - bring a bikini (or buy one from great clothes designer Rett Gentil, also on the square, same SLURL) and try out our swim system. Or dance (Intan system, worth the money as long as I don't look at my Linden balance too often). Or take the amazing pedal boat (forgot to take a photo of that, but I will )- it's really fun and an example of Geek's scripting genius. He (Geek Back) can probably script anything, so check out the signboard about getting hold of him to weave some magic for you.
Or just sit and watch the waves, from the lighthouse deck or the beach. Grab an ice cream from the cart. Relax. That's the idea.
If you catch me there, I tend to hand out freebies, as do the others: Geek, Menthal, Rett and Alain. So don't be shy - come and discover our 'home from home'.

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