Monday, 31 August 2009

SL at its worst: help, anyone?

(this post also explains why there's still a sale at one of the Vent du Sud stores... no time to go put the normal prices back...!)
This is part of a build I did a while back: a 'community and retail' area for a lovely, mainly residential place that was recently bought out by one of the residents, and a friend of mine.
Sooo, last night Europe time, a good half of the houses, interiors, things in stores, etc. disappeared. Some things have been returned to 'lost and found'. Some haven't. On my own sim, a few weird things happened but not to this extent.
Whether it was SL's asset server in this case (I think so - I hope so), or whether somebody deposited a mass of junk that filled up the sim and meant that everything not set to the group was sent back - not sure yet. But, obviously, there are a lot of very upset residents and retailers. And yes of course things should have been set to the group but that's what happens when permissions, etc. aren't as carefully set up as they should be from the outset.
Yes, they've asked for a rollback but it's part of a mainland sim, meaning all other owners have to agree. If this doesn't happen, then we're all just hoping that people will be sympathetic and patient and not attack the new owner, who is completely distraught.
It will be fixed. Somehow. I'm hoping to enlist a few builder and decor-making friends to help replace anything 'lost', if the rollback doesn't happen.
And sure, I'd be really, really happy if any other builders / furniture makers would be prepared to help out by contributing a few things to people who have lost their stuff. If you feel you can help, then please, please let me know (Ariadne Korda) and I'll put you in touch with the owner and managers.
Yes, I know this probably sounds like some sort of scam. But it's not. The new owner is a lovely lady and is taking this really hard, so I'm appealing for a little solidarity. Not for money.
Thanks so much to anyone who is prepared to lend a hand.


Ari Blackthorne™ said...

A simple explanation (and this from "experience" - which is really what you get when you don't get what you wanted!)

Was the parcel one of many parcels set to the same group? Did the one parcel change owners? Or change groups?

What happens is if there are several parcels on a sim that are owned by the same owner (no matter what group thyey are set to) - OR all *deeded* to the same group - they *share* the entire prim alotment afforded to all those parcels combined.

Thus, if one of those parcels changes owner (it is sold in most cases) - or if deeded to a group and changes group - the full alotment of prims is changed.

So, for example: three parcels of 1024 each - all with the same owner will each have 234 prims each. However, same owner of all three will have a full alotment of 702. All 702 prims could be placed on only one of those parcels.

Now, let us say I purchase one of those parcels. The parcel I myself purchase will leave the group and become "disconnected" from the other two. Prim alotment will then be forced back to only 234 - which that one parcel supports.

Anything over that will automatically and instantaneously be returned to owners.

I don't know the details of your situation, but it sounds a bit like what I just described.

ARI said...

Thanks.... and yes we looked into all that. It wasn't the problem there at all but appears to have been a major glitch by our friends at the Lab.

Things all - finally - returned to lost and found, coalesced (i.e. as entire sets of objects, apparently at random).

No now it's a question of putting it all back, bit by bit. Thanks, LL.